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03 Aug 2016 09:56 #1 by Evoker
[CREATIVE WRITING - 1] The Night was created by Evoker
The Night

Dear MarbleBlasters,

I have decided to share with you a short 'story' (if it can be called that) which was inspired by a composition of the same name and now forms a programmatic basis for my piano solo work. I will one day upload that too, but only when I get a decent recording!!!

The Night
Written 18/01/16

There is never such a thing as a night being ‘cold’. No, the night is warm, and fireflies dance in my eyes. The trees do not always dance, but they sparkle in their solidity like gemstones of the ground. The brook is starlight itself, turning and twisting, making itself known.

I walk amongst the path set out for me and walk slowly, in admiration of the beauty of the night. Buildings are placed everywhere, like a city in standstill. There is no-one to watch them; they stand upright in a dreamless sleep waiting for the morning to give life to their bones.

Across the bridge I go, and enter a wonderland of snow. It falls about my nose and tickles it with a humorous joy. All the more reason to dance and freely roam in the countryside. The city is far behind.

It is a cloudless night, and the stars all around are winking at me. The sky would be formless, a hyper-void in vain. But with the stars, the meaning of life itself is found. I walk away from the night and enter into floating dreams.

I wrote the music when I was at my music school place and came away from a practice session in the main building. It was about 9:45 pm and I remember seeing the moon and the sky and just stood on the bridge there in awe of how amazing it all looked. I could even see swirling clouds that looked half-transparent and celestial. It was really wonderful. I wanted to write the 'music of the night' (yeah, I know the Phantom has already done this) and spent the next 4 days solidly writing this down, whenever I had free time. The result is a very calming, beautiful and simple solo piano piece.

I will make a new post on this topic to share the recording with you all, and now I have Soundcloud, I can upload it there.
Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.

Ethan :)

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