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04 Sep 2016 15:40 #1 by Evokrypt
Hey everybody,

So I'm gonna start taking up blogging for real now! I got this fancy looking new (and free, may I add) app from the App Store yesterday called 'Blogo' and it looks fantastic, can't wait to try it out! On my blogs here, I'll post a link to the blog I've made using this app and include one paragraph from the article as a sneak peek/'preview' of the full post. However, it looks like my grammar is going to have to improve if I want to get good reviews!! :lol: :lol: (Shoutout to NF and Jkk39 (37? Sorry lol I can't remember) )

*I will at some point here post a link to all of my blog posts on whatever website it ends up on.*

I might as well give an update too of how I think my contribution to this wonderful community is gonna go, especially this academic year, which for me is the last year of college (UK)/Grade 12 (US). Busy busy busy!!! So I love making levels (not that I've released any more than one, but feel free to check it out, I'd love someone to speedrun it), composing, piano playing, playing MB (and blogging), but can I do all 5? No! Absolutely not; I've got tons of other things at college which take priority and at least two particular personal projects of mine, one of which you can find out about in the paragraph below this one. I really want to prioritise and get organised this year, so 'fun things' like blogging and level building will take place at my own convenience.

I am getting most excited about the fulfilment of a dream. Gentlemen, may I announce that I will be producing my debut album in 2017, a classical LP with a few *electronic* twists (and some other twists). It will be a piano-based album (ya know, seeing as I play piano), but will also contain strings, electronics and ethereal vocals to name a few. This has really been a dream for me to release an album and launch my music out into the world, not because I want money (although let's be real - aspiring classical musicians are broke) but because I've dreamt of being able to release music commercially that anybody can listen to and enjoy. It would be wonderful if you could all support me in this by simply buying at least one of the tracks. One or two of the main tracks will be 'Album Only', but if I get it onto Spotify and stuff, then hey, you can listen to those ones ;) It will definitely be 2017 it will come out, most likely in June or July at the end of the year. I'll have a lot of player-finding to do, and it will take some serious organisation.

Not only am I recording this album, I'm producing the album artwork!! I may want proper typography though, not just a handwritten title on the cover. Either way, the information about the songs and so on will deffo be inside the booklet of the physical CD (and hopefully a digital booklet on iTunes - no idea how hard this is to do!). I have a simple 4-way colour scheme of yellow, lime green, blue (sort of light/electric) and a 'pop pink'. The name of this ambitious project? Creativity.

Thanks everybody for reading! Please please let me know your thoughts, comments and suggestions on any of this. I always appreciate comments on my blog posts of any non-spam-ish nature, and I like knowing what you think. That, and there are lot of wicked senses of humour here! Until next time y'all,

:) TheEvoker/Ethan :)

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