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18 Oct 2016 16:13 #1 by Evoker
[ANNOUNCEMENT 2] More things was created by Evoker
Hi all,

So it turns out that my enthusiasm for being part of this community was really too much. I'm really busy with my own projects and things, and I never really did anything here other than post mediocre comments. At the moment, I've decided I won't delete my account, but I really don't have the time for playing MB or the forums. Having said that, if I'm bored on a particular day this is a great last resort!

All of the stuff I said about the album is going ahead - I will try and let you all know when it comes out! On the other hand, I don't have much time to produce, so I won't be doing any songs for people's levels and mods and whatever. I must at some point some improvisations on Soundcloud. I recently transcribed one (and edited it) and it feels great to have been able to do that.

Blogging is not happening. I don't have the time! Or at least I'm not doing actual blogging blogging, I may still blog on here if I feel like it. Level designing won't happen. It would if I hadn't had so many annoyances with Constructor and interiors.

One thing I might mention if it's of any interest is that I'm entering a poetry competition. Top prize £3,000! Least amount of money I could win is £0, but I'm aiming to win. Because why not? Musicians need money :lol: (This is our mantra)

Bye, thanks for reading!

:) Ethan :)

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