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12 Jun 2017 11:39 #1 by Evoker
Hi all,

Felt like making a blog post again. This (academic) year has been very interesting for me and I suppose I'd like to tell you guys. This doesn't contain loads of musical content, don't worry :)

This year was the last year at college (US - high school), so I've been revising for A levels (finals), of which the exams are currently taking place. I've already my Music Tech one which was fun, and not too challenging. Have 3 more for Maths and one for Music. Unfortunately, three of them are in the first week of the tourney! But once they're done, they're done, and I'm having plenty of time to relax, and perhaps not quite enough for revision hehe. Strangely, I also have a Music Theory exam this Saturday, which is obviously very well timed.

After these, I have some end-of-year concerts which I am highly looking forward to! There's the Piano Leavers' Concert, for which I'll be doing Moeran's Toccata (a wonderful piece) and probably some Bach, OR another Moeran piece. Then on Wednesday, I have the Composers' Concert which is in the music school's brand new concert hall, with like the world's best acoustics, and I'm doing a piece for soloists, choir and orchestra, which I am really looking forward to! I will upload the recording to SoundCloud when I get it. Finally, for the main concert, I'll be playing continuo in Haydn's Creation :woohoo: Only bad thing is that I've never done continuo in a performance setting, and then I get asked to do it for one of the most prolific oratorios that exists. Woo. But has been fun getting used to figured bass and stuff.

In January, I got an offer from a music conservatoire - I was so pleased! It is also the one I wanted to go to, so that's basically pretty great. Very excited about that, and I'll have so many new opportunities and be able to meet lots of new people who love music! In the Summer, I'm going to prepare some stuff for there (piano) and also do lots of composing while I have the chance. Will also be learning, recording and uploading Rach's Prelude in G minor to SoundCloud on request of hPerks :) I may be entering the concerto auditions at the conservatoire too - I'll let you know if I get a performance! Other things I've been looking forward to doing are reading - I'm part way through the Silmarillion (I'm a big Tolkien fan), and also art, getting confident with cooking (it's self-catering at conservatoire) and sorting out all my files/Safari bookmarks etc on my laptop - I like decluttering.

Two other things about the Summer - I got a job! Not had one before. It's a volunteering job for a charity but I'm looking forward to helping out. ALSO, I'll be going on a proper family holiday that doesn't involve visiting other family for the first time in, like, .. forever?? Going near to the Lake District, should be fun and relaxing.

So yeah, looking forward to life in general B) And thanks for reading!


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