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25 Mar 2018 15:32 #1 by Jean
So, when I was 4 years old, I found a game called Marble Blast Gold, completely forgot how but the first time I saw it somewhere, (also forgot how) I got addicted. I instantly wanted to play this game, the problem was it costed €20 approx. At that age, its a lot of money, so I looked for other ways. After some time I given up and tried to download Super Monkey Ball, which also failed. After some time I found Free Trial versions of it, in some cases also given the PC a virus. So I decided to install a copy of MBG from i believe Softonic (Probably the biggest mistake I could've done). Only a few minutes after installing we needed to take the PC to a technician due to a deadly virus which corrupted the HDD. From trying to save €20, my parents had to pay €200. That week was probably my worst week I've had till that age. For some reason I re-downloaded the game but this time it was from CNET-Download..... and the same thing happened. Then I decided to go on YouTube to find a safe way, this lead me to a Mediafire download, but this was virus-free. After that I did the best of 3 months wasting almost all of my free time on it. In a month i managed to beat the whole game.(btw I hated Tightrope and still do.)

The next time I played Marble Blast Gold was when I was 8 but I had to settle with Marble Blaster since the PC's HDD died again due to age so everything was lost. At this point I started to use an Acer Laptop from 2008. From now on till 11 I use to play it occasionally .

When I was 12 I got addicted to Marble Blast again, around this time I found Marble Blast Portable which allowed me to play MBP for the first time. In the summer I found this website but after trying with a big doubt that I had to install MBG, it worked (after many attempts). So after I made an account and decided to play MB Fubar since I already played MBP. That whole summer was just 3 hours daily playing some sort of MB. 15 March 2017, due to still using that laptop, I was having horrible fps while playing and because of that, I think the OOB trigger couldn't detect it on time which led me getting the WR (by now it has been removed). Around this time I got a few top 10's in MB Fubar. In that summer I got back to the game with a realization that PQ came out. The problem was that laptop had Windows Vista. Fortunately my mum had a Win 7 laptop from school which she didn't need anymore due to the government giving her a Win 10 one. So all my problems were solved and started using that. Somehow that laptop was running in 30fps on low settings, but it was enough. In that summer I got 4th place on the bonus PQ level Puzzle 1. In September I did a decision to get a gaming PC for many reasons. So now I didn't need that laptop anymore. Till December I rarely played Marble Blast. From mid-December till now I'm more into it than ever with a quest to get all PT's in all mods to get a coloured username. I also have a few top 10's which gets me ever so close to a WR. This was also the time that I started playing Multiplayer.

I would like to thank the whole community for keeping this game alive and improving it, especially when I still love this game along with many others that still love this game.

If you don't like camping, go for all spawns, then boom no camping :D

be cool and watch my glorious videos and you get pat
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26 Mar 2018 13:05 #2 by Ralph
Hey, dude. Do not forget what I'm going to tell you.

Both Softonic and CNET are miles worse cancers than MegaUpload would've been!

This download website kills many computers with program-disguised viruses and trojans. Don't ever attempt to download anything from this nuclear junkyard safely, that will never happen as Softonic completely neglects their security norms instead of caring about it, like they're pretending, and same goes for that computer-murdering website CNET (I usually call it CrapNet due to the number of worms and viruses it can give you).

You forget a thousand things everyday. Make sure Marble Blast isn't one of 'em.

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