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file 03/05/15 Marble Blast & Real Life

03 May 2015 18:26 #1 by [email protected]
Well, I have a blog, so better start using it! Just don't expect anything that interesting.

Marble Blast is as fun as I remembered and as time consuming as I remembered, but I've gotten a lot better. Getting some WRs and also having more patience for pulling off tricks helps. (I would ragequit a lot back in the day. :P)
Multiplayer is also fun and definitely enjoying playing in the tournament currently. Surprised how seriously I actually take it considering I turned up ~3 days before signups closed and simply signed up on a whim.

But of course I've become addicted to Marble Blast at completely the 'wrong time', and have exams upcoming (lasting from 13th May - 4th June), in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths. 9 exams in all. Ugh.

All this means really is that when I'm on Marble Blast I'm probably procrastinating. Which isn't a good idea. :P
Nothing else of interest is going on, as its pretty much 'work work work' for the next month or so. It's not the most inspiring or interesting blog post, but its a start.

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Glad that transition programs don't have exams, because only young adults with disabilities go to this program, including me.
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