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file 12/5/15 Exams. Fan-flipping-tastic.

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12 May 2015 23:08 - 12 May 2015 23:12 #1
Its that time of the year again. Exciting stuff, being stuck inside doing exams when instead I could be... stuck inside doing absolutely nothing of productive value. Hmm. Silver lining?

Anyways first (of 9 in total) exam 'tommorow' (its almost midnight* at time of posting - my priorities are clearly in check) although its my first Maths exam which is one I am least worried about. The ones I am most worried about about are all bunched together instead.

As much as I doom & gloom about it in real life (although I am a fairly pessimistic person, or as pessimists like to call themselves, realists, and have been for a long time. Sarcasm and ability to communicate online have certainly pulled me through rougher times, but this is already too deep and is a massive tangent to the actual topic at hand) I SHOULD (hopefully) do well. Well, if I am to follow school expectations, I definitely need to do well. A's all round well.

I'll still be around though, cant leave this game (for better or for worse :P)

Exams end 4th of June but no leaving school until July because [/Boring stuff] I still have a year to finish my qualifications (A levels) even though these exams count towards a (lesser) qualification in their own right (AS levels), where these results also play a part (as well as next years exams) in forming the final grade.[Boring stuff end] Confusing (much like Frostfire's tournament speculation/statistical rambling :P) so simplified it to 'Just do as well as you can. And you can do a lot. Mainly because you're still here. Still in the education system when you could have ran away completely.'
Inspirational-ish. Gets the job done. That and aforementioned last minute panic.
Feels kinda left half-finished, but not much to talk about apart from 'ugh exams just get this over with'. Noone likes stress-inducing 1-chance events that greatly affect peoples long term future, but just will have to make do like everyone.

Still, the summer holidays will be all the sweeter in return. Assuming my parents agree to my strategy of embodying laziness, which somehow I don't see panning out. One can dream?
* This post went on longer than I expected. Midnight came and went. Its still the same day until I go to sleep and wake up again however, regardless of time. :P

"funny quote" - funny person 2016 part 2 electric boogaloo
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