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20 Dec 2013 06:40 #1 by blueteak
MB2D - Replay System was created by blueteak
Alright, the initial version of the Replay System is LIVE!

This is the first iteration of the system, so expect it to be a bit buggy, but now the database is set up to keep replay records, so I won't have to wipe the leaderboards anymore (hopefully).

To watch a replay, toggle the Global Leaderboards and hit the button beside anyone's score. You can also watch your own Replay once you beat a level.

I will add Replay button's for all of your local top times eventually, just wanted to get this version out since the leaderboards were unusable until I did.

There are a few bugs that I know about:

1) Most importantly, the replay is a bit slowed down, I'm not sure why, as I'm playing it back at the same time interval that I record at, but I'm sure I just overlooked something, so it will hopefully get fixed soon. The problem that comes with this is that the moving platforms aren't in sync with the replay, so the marble will just move on invisible platforms and ignore the real ones. It also will show a slower final time than reality, just assume you are watching like a 0.9x speed run.

2) When the marble is moving fast it is a bit jumpy/laggy, I'm not sure if this is just a refresh rate thing or an interpolation problem, but I will be working to resolve it as well.

[EDIT] 3) Occasionally a replay will not work, and you will just be greeted with the level, and the marble remaining motionless, if you pause ('p'), -> level selection, and retry, it should work. I'll try to figure out what causes it.

The main goal (to see the path of the top times) has definitely been reached though, and you can clearly see what's going on, even if it isn't as clean as it will be eventually.

Scores/Leaderboards (also Username) has been wiped so that there are no accidental score submissions without replay submissions.

As always, here's the link:

Hope you enjoy!

Check out my website: !

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