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26 Aug 2013 04:21 #1 by blueteak
Interim Projects was created by blueteak
So, I've exhausted my personal capabilities as far as HD recovery goes without riskin data loss. So I'm sending my HD off to some people I know with more technical expertise than myself, before I use more risky tools that could lead to data loss if I'm unlucky. HD will be gone for at least a few weeks or two.

Now that it's out of my hands, I can stop worrying about it for a while.

And... while I am waiting for a verdict, I'll be working on smaller projects. Most (read:all) will be Proof of Concept exercises that I'll be doing just to see if I can.

I'll be posting them in the blog as I churn them out, feel free to give feedback, but keep in mind that I likely don't intend on pursuing full-featured programs/games out of them, so wile I might fix little bugs, more serious issues that don't relate to the key-feature of the app might not be resolved.

No initial project posted here, just giving everyone a heads up


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