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31 Mar 2019 22:03 #1 by Josep_Nollette
Xbox/NetJet MB features on desktop MBG was created by Josep_Nollette
As some of us have found, the Xbox version of Marble Blast Gold (2005) made use of ten new levels (nine of which were seen again in Marble Blast Ultra), Easter Eggs, and also translations (so far I've found German and Spanish versions).
The NetJet version, Marble Blast XP, had checkpoints, achievements, and a talking marble (i.e. when the marble fell and landed too high, it'd cry in pain and be surrounded by stars).

Now I'm disappointed that GarageGames never bothered to incorporate these features into the desktop version of Marble Blast Gold back when they came out. What reasons did they have, if they had any, for not updating Marble Blast Gold back when they still had the rights to it?

Another thing: when Marble Blast Ultra came out in 2006, why didn't GarageGames port it back to the desktop? The game would've been a potential sequel to Marble Blast Gold.

(If this same issue has been covered in another thread, then I'd like to see it.)

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