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17 Nov 2019 19:09 - 30 Jan 2020 18:06 #1 by Mike
Decided to combine my lists so that they can all be in one place. This is a list of levels that are either broken when played in PlatinumQuest, impossible to finish, or have no working downloads. If you find a broken, impossible, or lost level, or have fixed, completed, or found a download, please reply to this forum so the list can be updated. Download links for individual broken and impossible levels will be provided soon.

Broken Levels

These are levels that worked normally in MBP, but have strangely stopped working in PQ. If some of these levels can't be fixed, they'll be removed from the CLA and be placed in a new CLA for MBP.

A CHEVY LEVEL - BY KURT by Kurt - Unplayable in PQ. Marble can't spawn.
Blender: Fuck by Yoshicraft224 - Remove the unlock requirements.
Bumper Popping by main_gi - Syntax errors. Gems don't reload after respawning.
Cavern of Cannons by Nockess - Broken checkpoints.
Combo Chaos by BlastedMarble - Mega Marble Spin Launch doesn't work?
Cree Cicchino's Pathfinding Level of Diamond Heaven by Powerjohn25 - Missing interiors.
December 20: Aqua Tube by Marblemaster1 - Custom code doesn't work in PQ.
December 21: Ski Jumping by Marblemaster1 - Custom code doesn't work in PQ.
December 22: Final Obstacle Course by Marblemaster1 - Custom code doesn't work in PQ.
Falling Up! by Robot Marble - Gravity should be -5, not 5.
Frost Ravine by Nockess - Broken checkpoints, missing Winterfest shapes.
Gambit by Technostar - Moving Gravity Modifiers aren't rotated in the correct direction.
Gemour Is Lost Again by main_gi - Syntax errors.
How to make a level by El_Robert - Missing texture on the Rubik's cube.
Meet Me Inside (All Versions) by hPerks - Doors don't rotate in the correct direction.
No Trouble Big Gems by main_gi - Syntax errors.
Nocturn by Technostar - Interiors don't rotate in the correct direction.
Path of Upside Down by main_gi - Syntax errors.
Riddle of Reflections by hPerks - Moving Gyrocopters don't render properly.
Shimmy Gravitational by main_gi - I have no idea but it looks like it's unintentional.
Powerjohn's Time Attack 5 by Powerjohn25 - Missing interior.
RampAge by InteriorBuilder - Missing interior.
The Grand Finale by freeziez - Unplayable in PQ. Marble can't spawn.
The Ocean by AJ Freguson - Custom code doesn't work in PQ.
Three-Fold Racetrack - Shock Absorber isn't yellow.
Trap Door Badness - Gems are broken. Not sure if intentional or not.
Trapeze of the Future - I don't even have to explain.
Warp Quest - Works in MBP, strangely breaks in PQ.
Wild Gold - Flag interiors are missing faces.
Wise Attack #11 - Tired Marble in a Box by Xelna - Custom code doesn't work in PQ.

Impossible Levels

This is a list of levels that are either outright impossible to beat or have no known completions. These levels cannot be nerfed unless their respective creators nerf it themselves. You can help make this list smaller by completing the levels or by contacting the creators.

Physically Impossible
BIG LEVEL! by luca - Gem stuck in interior
Cat Fur by Avi - Gems stuck in interiors
Cheats by Thegeniusyoshi - No End Pad
Gem box by Lonestar - No End Pad
Learn the Space Modifier by Thegeniusyoshi - Par Time too low
Loops by HiGuy - End Pad out of reach
Rolling Gold - MBSuper Lost Levels by Nockess - OOB Gem
Transition by Thegeniusyoshi - No End Pad

No Known Completions
A Bunch Of Gems in 3 Minutes by main_gi
black gayer by MBCollector672
black gayest by MBCollector672
Blue Zenith V2 by Mike
Exploration Destination by main_gi
Five Times As Long by main_gi (Possible with Rewind)
Four Minutes To Look by main_gi (Possible with Rewind)
Ski Slopes by main_gi (Possible with Rewind)
Wise Attack #7 - Time to Travel by Xelna
Wise Attack #9 - You're Mine by Xelna
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11 Dec 2019 14:02 - 30 Jan 2020 18:03 #2 by Mike
Double posting because apparently there's a link limit for messages.

Lost Levels

Around the Loop by RollCage
Avenger by RollCage
Colmesh! by RollCage
Edible Adventure by RollCage
Expert Marbler Course by RollCage
Frictional Collection by RollCage
Future level by RollCage
Gem Box by RollCage
HalfPipe Machine by RollCage
Interior Climb by RollCage
King of the Mountain 2 by RollCage
Marble Village by RollCage
MBG - The Walkthrough WITH GEMS by RollCage
Orb of Confusion by RollCage
Purple Place by RollCage
Rave by RollCage
RollCages Completion of MBG Custom Levels by RollCage
RollCages Dome by RollCage
Stairway to the Olympics by RollCage
Technoroom by RollCage
Tension by RollCage
Terrific Tubes by RollCage
The Forest by RollCage
The Green and Grass Challenge by RollCage
The Horrific Hopping Challenge by RollCage
The Marble Stadium by RollCage
Timers Tantrum by RollCage
Ultimate Marble Challenge by RollCage
Venom by RollCage & wwecpp254
Wand of Water by RollCage
Wooden and Wet Challenge by RollCage

Junkyard by freeziez
Junkyard Ultimate by freeziez
Mess by freeziez
Pad Maze by freeziez
Sasuke Stage 1 by freeziez
Sasuke Stage 2 by freeziez
Sasuke Stage 3 by freeziez

Art of the No-Jumping Level by Ralph
Clara's Garden Maze by Ralph
Harmful Conveyors by Ralph
Purple Grid 2 by Ralph
Quick Tower by Ralph
Technoropes Revisited by Ralph

AI Level 2 - Decision Making by HiGuy
Annoying Up, Easy Falling Down by HiGuy - FOUND BY HIGUY
Big Tube by HiGuy - FOUND BY HIGUY
Uh Oh... by HiGuy - FOUND BY HIGUY

Amazing Maze by Steven
Bumping Maze (Teaser) by Steven
The Reached Road by Steven
The Road Less Travelled by Steven

Easy Course by Jkk39
Edge Hop by Jkk39
Extremely Easy by Jkk39
Three-Fold Maze Advanced by Jkk39

JumpRollCollect by Rct3fan00
JumpRollCollect2! by Rct3fan00
Let's Roll...alot! by Rct3fan00

Gravity Puzzle by Aldi Putra
Legacy CubeJump by Aldi Putra

Tower of Peril (Ultimate & Super Hard) by Brandondorf9999
Wall Master Extreme by Brandondorf9999

Alice-TC's Mountaintop Return by ???

Anissa's Golden Gate Bridge of Imitation by ???

Bih-Din-Ne-Dey by Aayrl

Blue Climb by Kasper
Expereal by Kasper
Long Road of Life by Kasper
Road to the Park by Kasper

Bouncing Mayhem by TPorter

CastleScrapers by Aaron C.

CGL 6: QuArK it Up! by Phil, Ultrablast, Andrew Sears, Oaky, Perishingflames, Imperial, & Ian

Challenge Tower by ShadowMarble

Field with Mines and Nukes by Elilenk EdwardMMOs

Find the Finish by Lokstok027
Find the Finish 2

First Flight by Hototer238

Gem Hazard by ???

George's World by G3orge

Georges Challenge by ???

Great Labyrinth of Time by ???

Hyperspeed by Jayar

Learn to Roll by Greg25

Learning to Roll by Waify

Luck by Yuri Kahn

Mini Golf Levels by Ross Darker

Mirror Mirror On The Wall by Bob

momumtum trotlu by Alexnico
Ordeal by Alexnico

Rokoshu's Massima by Rokoshu(?)

Stopping Ultra Course by nobody

Structural Adventure by Xedron

Sushi bar by Ticket2Ride

The Big One by James Carson

TheBourret's Custom level by thebourret

Traps by Frostfire

Up & Down by CyberFox

Valentino 4 by Ian Valentino

Wall Trick by Phil - FOUND BY MIKE

Custom Level Template by MBK
MBK's Ice Race
MBK's Skillshot
MBK's Simple Speedrun Course by MBK
MBK's Watery Climb by MBK

Happy blasting! - Mike
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