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12 Jan 2021 00:44 #1 by StewMan46
I’m back! (sort of) was created by StewMan46
Hi everyone! Stewart here! After a couple of years being away from the MB community, I’ve decided to come back!

A wee bit of background, in 2018 I stopped playing MB after anger problems caused me to be violent and during this time, my mental health was terrible in general. I hated everything and I felt life was a chore in general.

Also, you might remember me from the very controversial mod Marble Blast Super. God why did I even try?

Fast forward to 2021, a time when we’re all stuck in our houses and I (quite ironically) return to the community. I’ve had a go on the web port and rejoined the discord server too! Brilliant work from Vanilagy!

My mental health has improved a lot and I don’t really get angry at video games now - sometimes frustration sets in but I can deal with it, which is a sign of better times. I obviously won’t be speedrunning as often as I used to, but it’s good to be back!
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