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26 Mar 2021 09:45 #1 by azful

since the talk about a mb community channel began, ive been working on a project related to it. thought id finally share it in a thread, along with the document ive been using to organize things.

here is a snippet from the document that shows the basic idea of what im going for. im putting together a short mockup as a visual representation as well.

The main purpose of MMM is to have a video (much like a highlight reel) that features community-oriented Marble Blast content. This will be featured on the official MB channel, and the timeline of the series is to be decided. It is meant to be a very relaxed and laid-back compilation of content made by community members, with one overarching editor organizing the project and putting everything together in a consistent manner.

The goal is to give recognition not only to people who are more focused on speedrunning the game, but also those who have talent other than speedrunning that are still passionate about the game. It also displays the community of MB in an enticing light to newcomers who are interested, or even older players who might assume the game to be dead. These are some examples of what kind of content would be included:

  • Highlight reel of multiplayer matches edited in an entertaining fashion

  • A level showcase from a level-maker with commentary

  • Compilation of runs leading up to a WR recorded by and commentated over by the person achieving the WR (something akin to a “road to ___” showing the trials getting there)

  • Showcase of user-created content like textures, audio, tweaks to the game, etc.

  • Compilation of runs for a single level by multiple players
    (Maybe even friendly competition in a way? Cutting between each person’s runs and showing the times they’re achieving, building up to the final times from
    each person.)

  • More sort of open-ended fun segments created by members of the community!

the outline can be found here , and anyone is free to make suggestions to the document by making an "edit" to it, and it will show up on my end as a suggestion that i can then add. you can also add suggestions/comments/whatever here in this thread.

let me know what you think!

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