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19 Jul 2021 08:25 - 19 Jul 2021 10:16 #1 by RandomityGuy
Marble Blast Gold Haxe Port

This is a Haxe port for Marble Blast Gold with identical physics that runs on 64 bit computers and browsers.
The marble physics code was taken from OpenMBU along with my own collision detection code, game logic was partially from scratch and taken with permission from Marble Blast Web Port .
It is basically as close as I can get to vanilla MBG.

Why Haxe?
I chose Haxe because its a good language that can target other languages, meaning any Haxe code can be converted and used in Python, C++, Java very easily so that nobody has to take effort in porting the code to different languages, atleast thats what my mindset was when I started it, but unfortunately because of the 3d engine I used, it only compiles to C and Javascript. You will have to isolate the engine specific features yourself if you want to use this for other programming languages.

  • Traplaunch physics are slightly different but work more or less, just harder to do
  • Ocassional internal edge collisions occur so pipe/curved surface physics deviate at times
  • Physics delta t is lower, requiring more computation power
  • Tornado rendering is different
  • Theres no replays yet, god knows when i'll add them
  • There's no guarantee every single level from the CLA works on this port
  • No torquescript so no mis mods and shit


Help I am able to reproduce a crash!
If you are on browser, please send the browser console log to me
If you are on native, please run marbleblast-debug.bat and reproduce the crash, send the resulting stacktrace that occurs during the crash to me.

Help it shows a black screen when playing a level!
The game does not run on integrated graphics as far as observations go, this goes for both browser and native version. Please use an actual graphics card. If you don't have that, then your PC does not support the game, please upgrade it, there is nothing I can do about it to fix it.

How accurate are the marble physics?
Very accurate with up to 1% deviation from the original physics. The deviations are due to traplaunches being slightly different and occassional internal edge collisions, and the lower delta t values for physics simulations.

How do I change my resolution?
In browser, you can just resize your window. You can use the browser zoom feature (ctrl + scroll) to change the UI size.
In native version, you can just resize the window if windowed or use the resolution options in the menu or just directly modify settings.json

How do I change my FOV?
Edit settings.json for native version, edit the MBHaxeSettings key in LocalStorage in browser

How do I unlock/lock FPS?
You cannot unlock fps in the browser, it is forever set to vsync.
In the native version, edit settings.json

Hey can you please add this new feature?
If this new feature of yours already exists in MBG but not in this port, then I will try to add it, if I get time to do so, otherwise chances are, I won't add it since I have other things to do and would rather not waste my time on this any further. You are free to do pull requests if you have already implemented said feature.

Can you plz add leaderboards/CLA support?
TLDR: Do it yourself
I have considered them but I cannot add them because I'm not paying for a leaderboards server that permanently stays up, If you have all the arrangements, along with the leaderboards code, feel free to pull request.
I am not doing CLA either since both async and networking is a headache in Haxe, it requires considerable amount of time for me which I do not have. If you are willing to add support for it, pull request.

Mac version?
I don't have a Mac so I can't do so, You can use the browser version in the meantime. If you can compile for Mac, follow the build instructions in the github repo and send me the mac binaries and i'll link em in here.

Source Code
Windows Native Version
Web Version

I only do things if they align with my will otherwise I won't do whatever you request me to do. If you wish to contact me, please visit my github at
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