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26 Dec 2021 05:03 - 15 Jan 2022 19:47 #1 by Mazik
Mazik's Gem Hunt Level Reviews was created by Mazik
A few days ago I decided I was gunna go ahead and review every Gem Hunt level that was considered for 70-79, and now that I'm done, I thought it'd be a good idea to dump all my reviews here (also to make NF proud). All of these reviews can be found on the Master Sheet for each level I reviewed, but I hopefully plan to update this thread with any other gem hunt levels I play that people upload.

For starters, let's go over how I rate shit, this will be the general gist of my thought process:
10/10: A special rating that goes to the rare gem hunt level that I literally can't find a single fault in and that I enjoy playing endlessly.

7/10 - 9/10: Levels I would love to revisit, even if it has some flaws or even a major flaw that doesn't affect me much.

4/10 - 6/10: Levels that are basically average in my book, they can play nicely but if nothing about it is inherently great or bad they belong here (Marbleland is a great example, instant 5/10 since it's the flagship "boring" level for me)

1/10 - 3/10: Levels that I don't particularly enjoy playing for too long, for a variety of reasons or one huge reason that bothers me

0/10: The "I'm never playing this again" rating

Now for the levels and their ratings:

Nightmaria by Blasted: 6/10
Plays nicely, although its not my favorite to run due to the 1x1 pillars and lack of blue spawns in more common areas of the map. Also, a 130 AS in singleplayer is too high of a challenge score for the average player given the plat and blue rates. I would recommend lowering the challenge scores to 60 PS, 90 US, and 115 AS if you don't wanna mess with spawns.

Inferno Ring by Ignas: 7/10
Gets a 7/10 despite the unbalanced spawns because the layout of the level itself is enjoyable to traverse outside of like, 2 minor things. Powerup placement is perfect as well. I would suggest putting two yellows across from each other diagonally on those center pillars so that the center spawn isn't as broken as it is. If the spawns are to be kept as they are the challenge scores need to be 80 PS, 120 US, and 160 AS respectively.

Beacon by Blasted: 3/10
This map would be a lot better if it was shorter in scale, much like the original Architecture (although admittedly I'm not much a fan of that map too). I'm sure someone could get very good at this map with enough practice but the high blocks and certain sections where the blocks are super packed make for some awkward movement in my experience.

Basin Hill by CylinderKnot: 8/10
Flying across this map from one end to the other is honestly one of the best feelings in the world. Not to mention that there are also shocks and super bounces to help you get some gems quicker, especially for some of the more awkward spawns. AS is set at a reasonable 110 which does require good map knowledge to get, although I personally would've set it at 115. It's awkward traversing this map without a powerup at certain parts and I would've liked to see higher places to get up since this is Parkour Peaks inspired, but overall it still plays solid.

An Allegory for Economic Mobility by CylinderKnot: 6/10
I personally like the top half of the level more than I do the bottom half because it feels a lot easier to move around in, though that might be intended given the name of the level. This did play above my expectations though so I will give it that. The big teleporters are a cool concept that I liked using but when there's a spawn that's awkward to get to from your current position (no good teleporters and/or weird terrain to traverse) it's basically an instant reset for me.

Four Stairs by Yoshicraft224: 6/10
As a gem hunt level I think its pretty neat due to the sheer amount of gems you can collect very quickly, but it would be a lot better as a Gem Madness level with a 30 second time limit. I'm thankful for Yoshi putting blast here because without it I probably would've given it a 4 or 5 out of 10 (Spawn abusing also helps sometimes). 105 AS is way too easy though, I got it on my first finish. Challenge scores should be changed to 90 US and 120 AS.

Golfland by Frost: 0/10
I would rather get fucked in the ass by a dude than play this.

Marblitzan's Temple by Yoshicraft224: 2/10
I personally liked the first person perspective, but the way in which it was executed was just disappointing. The tornado here is really bad for the first spawn especially because the plat is literally inside the tornado. There's no way to get up to the 2nd floor from the tornado room alone and a stupid glass wall blocking one of the entrances in the 2nd floor. The level as a whole doesn't have much to offer outside of that.

Panels - Gem Hunt by QwertyQwertz: 4/10
I don't really have much to say for this one outside of the fact that the low gravity section is a little annoying. Its not bad, but its not good either.

Spaceballs by Nedison: 1/10
Good scenery but plays horribly.

Sequence by RandomityGuy: 4/10
Concept is nice, but it's repetitive and it plays out too long. Challenge scores need to be buffed too.
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10 Jan 2022 20:42 - 15 Jan 2022 19:34 #2 by Mazik
Replied by Mazik on topic Mazik's Gem Hunt Level Reviews
Big Freeze by Blasted: 6/10
Between Nightmaria and Big Freeze, I'd say Big Freeze is the better map, but only narrowly so. I compare this to Nightmaria because once again, this map has a seemingly luck based AT and the blue rate feels equal to the plat rate here. I lucked out on an older version of this map (only difference was the amount of SJ's) and ended up getting a 149 because plats decided to be in my favor. I like how compared to Nightmaria there are more options for you to get to different sections of the map more quickly, but one critique about the cannons I have is that I would've preferred if a "no movement" trigger stopped you from going OOB instead of an ice shard. The ice shard stopping you definitely fits the theme, but I would prefer those extra 2 seconds I have being frozen be dedicated towards getting gems.

Overall, just like with Nightmaria, put more places for blues to spawn and buff the blue rates so that the AT is actually doable in most games. If you don't wanna do that, lower the AT to like, 115 or something and adjust the other challenge times accordingly.
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15 Jan 2022 19:33 #3 by Mazik
Replied by Mazik on topic Mazik's Gem Hunt Level Reviews
Just finished playing through all of hPerks gem hunt levels since they had singleplayer variants, so I thought it'd be a good time to give my honest thoughts on them.

Wrap Zone by hPerks: 8/10
Controversial opinion but I absolutely love this level's concept. It's hard to wrap your head around at first (hah), but eventually the portals become second nature. The yellow/green side is absolutely perfect and I have no complaints about that side at all. The purple/orange side however isn't as enjoyable for me to traverse but still neat.

The 2 big things that prevent this level from being a 10/10 for me is the purple/orange side, and the very clear broken spawns with a bunch of yellows on the yellow/green side. If you want to have a very strong record on this level, you need to have lots of spawns on the yellow/green side of the level, especially on the bottom floor since they're the easiest to pick up quickly. If the spawns on the purple/orange side were more on par with the yellow/green side this would easily be a 9/10 for me.

Checkmate by hPerks: 9/10
The first custom gem hunt level to reach a 9/10 by my standards. This is really well made and it plays almost flawlessly. I love how hPerks intentionally made the pawns and knights just the right height so that you could use a gyro and collect two yellows on top of two pawns/knights at the same time. Pulling that off is really satisfying, and there's a myriad of other neat movement tricks you can do thanks to the sand and rug chess pieces. The only reason why this isn't a 10/10 for me is because sometimes the sand/rug pieces send you in random directions when you least expect it, making spawns a bit awkward at times, but even so I still think making the chess pieces sand/rug was the right move.

I would probably give this a lower rating if I was judging this as a multiplayer map (as it was intended to be), but in singleplayer it's just flat out amazing.

Ramp it Up by hPerks: 6/10
This is basically like a very early prototype of Ramps Revamped, and for what its worth, its not as bad as it looks. Plays decently well thanks to the abundance of super speeds and (sometimes) the bouncy walls. Main critiques are that the tarmac and especially the ice quadrants are a bit weird to move around in without blast and not enough going for it in the way of scenery. The sloped up gravity level concept is nice too but I was always meh about it since if you make a slip up it'll cost you a lot more than if you had normal terrain to work with. Could do with 2 more blue spots too but that's just me.

This level definitely works better in multiplayer, singleplayer variant isn't as fun.

Ramps Revamped by hPerks: 8/10
The cooler version of Ramp it Up. The more complex terrain easily makes this cooler to traverse through with less awkward moments where you're struggling to get somewhere. Don't have much else to say apart from that though, the blocks can be annoying but that's really about it.

Parkour Peaks by hPerks: 7/10
I was initially gunna give this a 4/10, but then I played it more and realized I was just suffering from a comically large skill issue. It's a very well made map for the more experienced players that's difficult to get used to at first, but when you find every little trick to maneuverer around this map, it will quickly become your favorite. Powerup placement couldn't be better, with super bounces and super speeds in the exact places you would need them.

This map definitely loses a lot of its maneuverability potential with the lack of blast however. If blast was included in the singleplayer version this would be an instant 9/10 for me, but it's still fun regardless. I'm also not much of a fan of this map having only yellows; 3 blues scattered about would make games a little more interesting.

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