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25 Jul 2022 23:27 - 01 Aug 2022 02:51 #1 by TaylorMinecraftGaming
Marble Blast Survival 2022 Auditions was created by TaylorMinecraftGaming
Introduction: Marble Blast Survival auditions are now public!

This means I can actually receive auditions!(Wasn't a good idea to try sending invites privately, as it was a waste of my time) I'll make a post in Tournaments and Competitions for where I'll be accepting site auditions(I'll be accepting auditions on this site, and on the discord; I do accept auditions on my other posts; for a bit more information about submitting audition requests, view my signature)

Also, a change of plans. MB Survival will not just be featured on my YouTube Channel , but also on my new group channel, GamersUnited !
Same goes for my upcoming no-estimated-release-date Marble Blast Manhunt.

Section 1: If something happens on my end before/after the survival is recorded, then here's what I'll do:
-My Computer/Video Editing Software crashes during video creation: I'm used to this, so it's not a problem
-My PC runs out of memory: Plausible that this will happen; I'll delete enough memory to make the video; If it runs out of memory during creation, then I'll yet again delete enough data to export how the video was at that moment, and then send all the things to someone in the community who I chose to be the Backup Editor
You might be thinking: "Why not just keep deleting data until you finish and export the video?" I'm a game developer. Most of the data used on my PC are files used for game creation. These are necessities that I only have one of. A certain portion of my data are things that I have yet to finish.(Excluding games)
I just need one of those a data expansion USB drives.
-My internet decides not to work: It depends on how long it doesn't work for. It won't matter until I'm finished with my video since my Video Editing Software works offline; If at some point my internet doesn't come back on after I finish the video, then I'll go to my local library
-Someone requests to edit the video for me: That's what the Backup Editor role is for, and requires a separate section in your audition. I'll send some messages through Discord regarding everything...after the Survival, of course! If you got the Backup Editor role and it's been 3 hours and I haven't mentioned anything regarding the video's editing process, then ask me if something has happened.
-I end up being too busy to edit/make the video: Yet again, I'll send in the necessary things required for the video to the Backup Editor; If I got some progress done, then I'll do the steps mentioned in My PC runs out of memory
-If I can't make it to the Multiplayer Lobby/Something happens consistently that causes PQ to crash/not load: Someone will take my place as Lobby Host and make the Marble Blast Survival 2022 lobby for me. After 3 to 5 minutes, if I'm still unable to get into the lobby/get PQ to work, then one of the Spectators/Cameras who chose to follow the Runner shares their screen via Discord.
Attention Chaser(s)! Using the screenshare to cheat isn't allowed under any circumstances! Cheating this way will result in a 30-Second Time Penalty for every Chaser!(I changed the Time Penalty to make every Chaser stop moving instead having the entire Survival restart; Restarting means more time spent trying to finish the Survival) Every time a Chaser cheats this way, the Time Penalty gets doubled.

Section 2: Some things regarding your guys' auditions:
This one's quite obvious, but might as well mention it. For any chances at getting a role in Marble Blast Survival, you need to submit your audition, in other words, you need to send me your audition via the Marble Blast Survival Auditions Submission post or any other post of mine. You can't just get a role by doing nothing, silly!
Keep in mind that you can only have one role active at a time, unless the role you have selected is a Special-Role. With that, you can list more than one role in your audition, but only a max of 2 roles at a time(View Special-Role listed in Section 3 for more information). You can change your Role Request after you send your audition, just don't do it after 5+ days as that would be unnecessary.
With that all out of the way, you have the option to audition for the Runner, Chaser, Backup Editor, Level Creator, Rule Enforcer, Backup Role, and Camera roles!
If all of the spots are chosen for a specific role, then that specific role will be crossed out like this: Survival Host, and auditions for that role will no longer be accepted. Keep in mind you can still audition for any role, taken or not, you just won't get the role that's filled. I'll keep in mind that you auditioned for that already taken role, and, if I think you're good enough, I'll put you on the 2023 Role Contenders list. If you auditioned for a taken role and got the Backup Role, you'll be apart of the Survival!...but only if a player with the role you auditioned for couldn't make it. There's one exception with the Backup Role, and that is being the Runner role. That role can't get any Backup Roles due to the efforts it takes to get the Main Player into the role. After the Selection Process, I start a few test runs in the now known Survival Practice Run(A Private Lobby meant for practicing the Marble Blast Survival and getting used to the actual thing without doing the actual thing) and if they're good enough to be the Runner, they'll be picked. Because of this auditioning method, if there were a Backup Role for the Runner, all Backup Players would have to go through the same test runs(In other words, it would take up a lot of time and prolong my Survival Audition Reviewing Process...S.A.R.P...didn't notice that until now). All the other roles don't have this kind of auditioning method, though, so you don't need to be tested if you want to be a Chaser. Although, it should be mentioned that if you are picked to have a Chaser role, you'll be put in the Survival Practice Run when the Runner does the test runs(Think of it as a Warm-Up for the Warm-Up that's before the Survival).

Section 3: What certain roles are for & what they do:

Pre-Survival Role:
Roles that are used before the Survival starts/during the Survival

Gameplay Role:
Roles that require at least some gameplay/attention to detail

Post-Survival Role:
Roles that are used after the Survival

Roles that allow people to have a second role(which is named "Special-Role") of any specified role that's listed! A Special-Role can be selected if the specified role is not filled(or taken).
Remember guys, Special-Roles are always optional. Also, even if your role says Special-Role, you won't exactly get the Special-Role 100% of the time. Special-Roles are applied to any Backup Roles if the Main Player they're a backup for has any Special-Roles selected.

This person runs away from the Chasers and avoids falling off the edge of the map.
This is a Gameplay Role. Special Role: Rule Enforcer
Max Player Count: 1 / Can't have a Backup Role
The Runner wins when there are no more seconds on the clock / The Runner loses when they're no longer on the Playing-Field

Chases after the Runner, trying to make them die(In other words, attempting to make them go Out of Bounds).
This is a Gameplay Role. Special-Roles: Rule Enforcer or Backup Editor
Max Player Count: 3 / Can have Backup Roles
The Chaser(s) wins when the Runner is no longer on the Playing-Field / The Chasers lose when there are no more seconds on the clock

Backup Editor:
If TMG can't finish/start the video, then the progress will given to the Backup Editor.
This is a Post-Survival Role. Special-Roles: Chaser or Camera
Max User Count: 1 / Can't have a Backup Role

Level Creator:
This person makes the custom level that the Survival takes place on. If someone gets this role, they cannot be the Runner or a Chaser because they know every nook and cranny, which makes it unfair for the opposing team.
This is a Pre-Survival Role. Special-Role: Camera
Max User Count: 1 / Can't have a Backup Role

Rule Enforcer:
This person pays close attention and ensures that everyone is following the rules and not breaking them.
This is a Gameplay Role. Special-Roles: Chaser or Camera
Max Player/User Count: 2 / Can have Backup Roles

Backup Role:
Works just like the Backup Editor, but a little different. Excluding the Runner role, if a certain player/user couldn't make it to the Survival to fulfill their role, then the Backup Player will be there to take their place.
The Role Type is determined by what role you're a backup for. A Backup Player's Special-Role is determined by what Special-Role the Main Player selected.
Max Player/User Count(Doesn't affect the Overall Player/User Count): 10 / Can't have any Backup Roles since it IS the Backup Roles

The people with role use the Spectate feature and then follows a player of their choosing while they record at certain angles. In other words, they choose a specified angle and work from there.
This is a Pre-Survival Role.
Max User Count: 4 (Runner + Chaser) / Can have Backup Roles

That's all the current information regarding Marble Blast Survival. Throughout the rest of July all the way up until all the available roles are set, I'll be accepting auditions. Once all the roles are filled up(or taken), I'll announce the date when the Survival will take place, and then say who got what. Well hey, if you didn't get a role, like I said before, there's always next year! Anyways, I better make the Marble Blast Survival Auditions Submission post so I can actually receive auditions. See you later!

Hello, everyone! I'm TMG. I'm a Game Developer, Speedrunner, YouTuber, and Composer. I'm now using Bandcamp for my music.

Marble Blast Survival 2022 Auditions are now publicly open! I'll be accepting auditions on the Marble Blast site and on the discord!
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