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30 Jan 2023 21:55 #1
This isn’t the thing I want to be writing about, trust me when I say this. A lot has come to me over the years, lots of opportunities, and I’d like to think that these opportunities were earned, not given.

2005 was a huge year, I started school and found some iBook G4s, and that’s when I discovered Marble Blast. Over the years I would play the game and eventually get better and better at it, with some people in school telling me how good I was at it. 2007 comes and I get my first laptop, which I installed Marble Blast onto (as you should).

Years passed, and time went by. In August 2014, I achieved my first ever WR on the level Platform Training and even featured in WRR4 in 2015 (even if I didn’t really deserve it due to optimisation, sorry Kalle)

2016 saw me get WRs on Fork in the Road and Gravity Helix and the former even stood for nearly FIVE years! 2017-2018 also saw me get WRs on Shock Drop, Shimmy and other levels and then I went on hiatus in 2018 due to personal issues.

2020 rolls around and the webport gets released (thanks Vani!), allowing me to break the mould in another code of Marble Blast speedrunning. To feature in two webport rampages is an honour in itself!

2022 saw me FINALLY get my coloured username and finish with a full grind of all 100 levels of Marble Blast Gold!

I’m very grateful to have the community around me and shape me into the person I was today.

However, you can’t do things forever, and all good things must come to an end. Today, I am hereby announcing my retirement from competitive speedrunning, for good. I feel I can no longer commit to speedrunning as much as I want to, and the big grinds have certainly taken a lot out of me. Speedrunning has also increased my stress levels and while it can be managed better than it used to be, this is incredibly draining in itself.

I’m very grateful to have represented Scotland and Europe over the years and to be able to put Scotland on the Marble Blast speedrunning map is a HUGE honour and I say that with pride, and respect.

I’ll still be around in the community forums and the discord if anyone wants advice, I mean you never know, some wee boy might want to talk about the game in physics class or something.

Like I said though, I’m eternally grateful, but nothing lasts forever. I’ve enjoyed speedrunning, even though it’s been frustrating and tedious at times.

Let me finish by thanking everyone in the Marble Blast Community, for keeping this game going with great mods, music, rampages and other special features!

I hope everyone stays healthy, or as we say in Gàidhlig, slàinte mhath!

Stewart ‘StewMan46’ Inglis
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30 Jan 2023 22:04 #2
Congratulations on your achievements. It's great to see that you seem more than satisfied with everything you've accomplished with your competitive career. Nice to hear you'll still be lurking around.

Call me Chris!

Discord: Nockess#4107
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