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06 Apr 2018 18:01 - 06 Apr 2018 18:06 #1 by Kalle29
Console Commands was created by Kalle29
Here are some useful commands you can put in the console. The console is opened by pressing the tilde (~) button on a standard English keyboard, but it could be different if you use another language standard. It tends to be the button below Esc however.

If your marble reflects the sky:

To check what your FPS is:

To play a .rec:

Note: Demos play automatically if you leave the start menu up for 10-15 seconds; they are played in reverse alphabetical order. This doesn't seem to work properly on all versions of MBG however so you may have to use one of the commands.

To check the elapsed time of a .rec:

You can also check the final time after the .rec has finished and sent you back to the level select menu.


Replace the X with a number to change your gravity/jump height. 20 is standard gravity and negative numbers work. Standard jump impulse is 7.5.


press F11 afterwards to open the Level Editor

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thank you Mr. Skeltal

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24 Feb 2021 05:12 #3 by EdHerrera
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pls can u help me how to restore any levels on marble blast ultra is hard to make this level back to normal when i messed up with level editor...

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