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02 Jan 2019 23:52 #1 by Go'way
Marble Files or whatever was created by Go'way
yo yo yo guys wassup it's me.... Go'way

i mean you could probably tell wHATEVER

it has come to my attention that some peeps here don't exactly have what i'd like to call "page-a-roonies", or pages, on the Marble Files
the only people i can think of at the moment are obee58 and Doomblah , maaaybe kevinator too
anyway i know some of you would also like to have your pages updated and filled out, so i have a proposition for ya'lls

sorry i'm a bit nervous...
just put like a list of stuff you'd want on your page
(and no i'm not asking YOU to write your page for me, i just need some guiders and stuff)
and if you don't have a page at all, more info would help out

any suggestions for other stuff is welcome
i'll try to update the MF as fast as i can but i'm a human so it might take a while
especially cause i also have some other stuff to do

woomy woomy veemo woomy

Owen Maitzen 1997-2021
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03 Jan 2019 00:01 #2 by Doomblah
Replied by Doomblah on topic Marble Files or whatever
IDK what you'd put about me, I'm not super invested in the community or anything I'm mostly here to get fast times.

I guess you could say I've been playing since 2003, or that I'm close to getting all the Awesome Times. As of now I'm the only one with the Dancing prefix I guess. yea

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03 Jan 2019 00:01 - 03 Jan 2019 00:02 #3 by Connie
Replied by Connie on topic Marble Files or whatever
sup go'æ

what i want to see in my page is:

-something something cool stuff i made in my time of being in the community
-just other stuff than memes that you feel like might be fit for my page

thank go'æ

RO: Salut! Sunt Connie!
EG: Hello! I'm Connie!
FR: Salut! Je suis Connie!
PT: Olá! Eu sou a Connie!

File Attachment:

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03 Jan 2019 00:11 #4 by obee58
Replied by obee58 on topic Marble Files or whatever
uh idk just like ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
- yo im gay for a certain sergal around here (should probably add that to his page too)
- fluffy umbreon fren (when i make a decent and finalized ref i will bug you to add a link maybe if that is ok)
- big rhythm game nerd, plays VSRGs on PC and mobile
- joined in 2014 (was underage at the time) but did not become active until the end of 2016(?)
- followed Laplace in getting colored name in summer (Q3?) of 2018, finishing with tTotTS

i don't think i have any other kind of notable meme stuff or contributions around here but if you can find any go ahead and add those uwu


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03 Jan 2019 00:15 #5 by Nutmegg
Replied by Nutmegg on topic Marble Files or whatever
I make levels (include amalgamation pogchamp) (put me on notable level creators pls and thanks)
also uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh put my profile pic in there I guess too

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04 Jan 2019 15:47 #6 by Jean
Replied by Jean on topic Marble Files or whatever
add something like how im probably the only F1 fan, and i spam the #sports channel on discord with F1 related content or something like that

If you don't like camping, go for all spawns, then boom no camping :D

be cool and watch my glorious videos and you get pat

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07 Feb 2019 01:03 #7 by Cobalt
Replied by Cobalt on topic Marble Files or whatever
Uhh lets see....

Been playing off and on a good bit since 2008 (but only really got into the game in Summer 2018)
Pretty new to the community, joined in September 2018
Accidentally got into the cult of Marble It Up (but I snapped out of it and returned to MB in January), where I got my first and currently only record on Evaporation

I love to ski but never get the chance to that often
Uhh the weather is cool I guess

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07 Feb 2019 10:18 #8 by Battlecube314
Replied by Battlecube314 on topic Marble Files or whatever
First tried Marble Blast in 2005-2006, on old Mac mini, also played Marble Blast Ultra, beat all levels under par time.
Re-discovered Marble Blast on middle school computers in 2010
Reached 100% Gold Times in 2011, Started MBP shortly after
Joined community at start of 2014, when new site created, by then I had 114/120 ultimate times
Beat TTotTS UT on 19 Sept. 2014 for 120/120 UT's
Start posting stuff on YouTube in summer 2015 because why not
Moving Platform Master Course 3:51.453 for all custom UT's on LB's on 21 June 2016
Racing Spirits was my last AT, 16 Jan 2018
Got 100% on all SP stats but still playing to this day

Other stuff:
Study Math and Computer Science at university
Memorized pi to 2,000 digits

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28 Feb 2020 11:29 - 25 Aug 2020 17:44 #9 by SerjG2005
Replied by SerjG2005 on topic Marble Files or whatever
-First played Marble Blast Gold in 2009 or 2010, became more attached to it in late summer of 2019
-Earned my colored name on February 1st 2020
-Entered Top 50 General in the leaderboards and got all Ultimate Times/Scores in PQ in July 2020
-Was known for a bit as "stasad1234".
-Participated in Monster Mash 2019 and Winterfest 2019, only won 10 dollars from the latter one, but had a close match with Tue I believe
-Hold the Nest Egg WR on "Downhill and Out of Here"
-Found a Nest Egg WR pathway in "Trial by Fire" that reduced the time by more than half
-Always replying with "Welcome! You've got mail!" every time a newcomer joins the community
-Ironic fan of "The Town With No Name". Have it's protagonist as my profile picture
-Born and raised in Romania
-Beginning to learn to code
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19 Jun 2020 06:55 - 06 Jul 2020 11:39 #10 by Kasper
Replied by Kasper on topic Marble Files or whatever
- I started playing MBG in late 2004, but I didn't start playing MBP till 2013.
- Joined the MB community in 2013, getting plenty of WRs till mid-2015, when I went extremely inactive. In April this year, I officially returned to the MB community, and earned a coloured name in June 2020.
- I went for all ultimate times instead of platinum times to unlock my coloured name.
- I was formerly known as m2mm4m.
- I have all the ultimate times in MBP, with my last being Platform Mayhem.
- I am an avid fan of the GG marble in MBP 1.14
- I started a mod called Marble Blast Forest, which died due to my laptop breaking in March 2015. I was heavily meme'd for it.
- Back in 2014 or so, I would often change my name, resulting in me almost getting banned. :P

Facts about me outside of MB:
- I am obsessed with EAS (emergency alert system) alerts/scenarios
- I did the SkyJump in Las Vegas in the summer of 2017
- I'm Australian (Sydney) and live in Canada (Alberta, Edmonton area)
- I have a shoe size of 16
- Former user of GoAnimate (which I now hate btw)

with the music and the lights and everything :P
Last edit: 06 Jul 2020 11:39 by Kasper. Reason: added more facts about myself

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19 Jun 2020 07:21 - 17 Jul 2020 04:56 #11 by QwertyQwertz
Replied by QwertyQwertz on topic Marble Files or whatever
I don't have a page yet but here's some info :P

- Played Marble Blast Gold since 2007-2008, and joined the community in Marble Blast Platinum in 2014.
- Got banned in 2016 for being sub TOS.
- Took a 2 year break from mid 2017 or so and returned in June 2020.
- 8th in 'Unseasonably Cold' and 14th in 'Tower Maze'.
- Has held several easter/nest egg world records but currently holds none.
- Has all gold/platinum times in Marble Blast Gold, Ultra, Platinum, and PlatinumQuest.
- Has completed every custom level on the leaderboards.
- Entered in the Marble Blast 48-Hour Level Making Jam in early 2016.
- Quit creating levels in 2016 and started again in June 2020.
- Is currently organizing CGL 12: Midnight March.

Outside of Marble Blast:

- From Wellington, New Zealand but now lives in Auckland, New Zealand.
- Has been competitively speedcubing for over 3 years (Rubik's Cubes) and attended 12 competitions, including the World Championships in 2019.
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23 Jun 2020 23:33 - 23 Jun 2020 23:39 #12 by NaCl586
Replied by NaCl586 on topic Marble Files or whatever
Since my bio in MF was made by someone relatively new at the forums at that time while I have been in the forums for a long time, they just simply assumed wrong things about me. I think it's better to clarify things here:

- Creator of Marble Blast GLC series made in span of 2014-2020, accomplished level creator (and skybox creator), mediocre programmer.
- Previously known as voccubes
- Discovered MBG in 2008, then MBP. Stopped playing MBG without completing all of the levels and went directly to MBP at that time.
- Made his first custom level in 2008, GET OUT!! (link to that level was broken, but that level was remade in 2017 as Ravine Jumper).
- Made an account in 2010 during proboards era, released his first two custom levels (Upper Swivel and Combo Trick) in 2011, quickly gained forum attention for making LE levels
- Created Marble Blast Adventure in March 2011, which died in October 2011 due to negative feedbacks and lack of experience. At that time, mods were praised and played more than custom levels.
- Joined Marble Blast Elite in September 2011 as a skybox maker, ended up creating five levels and helped the coding of the mod for the demo release.
- Became significantly less active in 2012-2013 due to his house renovation that causes him to lost his internet connection and just to rely with internet on his school
- Used to be very good in screenshot abuse based level, such as Teleport Training.
- Left Marble Blast community to play Touhou in 2014, then came back two months after to create Marble Blast GLC which at that time was inspired by Touhou (he tried to recreate Touhou Hard/Lunatic difficulty concepts in Marble Blast).
- Started to make very hard levels in 2012 to replicate Donkey Kong Country difficulty, in which he made Treetrunk Clamber for Marble Blast ELite, and he started to release very hard levels in 2015, in which he released Complexicity Ascent.
- As PQ released, he experimented out with pathnodes and created possibly on of the hardest levels in MB history, The Utopia of Translation and Rotation.
- Started playing rhythm games in March 2018, in which he found more unforgiving and cheap than Touhou, which later became the inspiration to create Marble Blast GLC 3 and Marble Blast GLC 4.
- Gained his colored username in 3 days in June 2020. He beat PTs of MBP levels first, before moving on to beating GTs of MBU and MBG respectively.
- By 2020 he just lost his ability to identify difficulty while making a level, in which he always made very hard levels despite intending to make very easy level.

Outside of Marble Blast:
- Winner of 2015 Indonesian's National Science Olympiad in Chemistry, earning bronze medal.
- Played rhythm games including Cytus, Lanota, Arcaea, Groove Coaster, and Sound Voltex. In his local rhythm gaming community, he always get bullied by someone very good in that field for playing hard levels when he was not ready.
- Speedcuber (7x7 and clock as his main events) and Sport Stacker
- Mediocre video game music composer
- College student, majoring in Game Application and Technology

I'm just an ordinary marble blaster who like to create new and unusual things.

Creator of the Marble Blast GLC series
Check out and download my custom levels here .
Check out my original musics in this thread and in my soundcloud here .
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