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09 Jun 2019 13:19 - 09 Jun 2019 13:20 #1 by ConniesMarbles
Another quick word for the community was created by ConniesMarbles
Here we are, almost 4 years since i created this account on the 11th of June 2015. Funilly enough, I was 10-11 when I created this account and I didnt last long until i was banned from using the webchat. The ban was around 3 years iirc, but i decided to stick with the community until my unban because I consider it better than any other community i have been in. Also, thank you all for supporting me through out my journey to get a colored name, without your support, i would have given up by now lol. I want to also give a special thank you to a lot of people here who have been supporting me through out my dark momments, i will forever be grateful for the time you spent trying to help me. I have a whole ton of memories that i have made while in my time of being in here, and i hope i will make even more memories until my 5 year anniversary. Also my 1 year anniversary of being in the Discord server is around the corner too, so that will be hype.

I am glad that I chose to stick to with the community until my unban, because it is truly amazing
Thank you <3

ball roll to gem and to blue/white pad thingy yes
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