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05 Dec 2021 17:36 - 05 Dec 2021 17:37 #1 by Puppydog415
Batteries was created by Puppydog415
I Really Like Tripe AAA, Double AA, Batteries And IPad Batteries Running Down Because Of Google Earth Or Photoshop

I Really Like Batteries
IPad Battery

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05 Dec 2021 18:33 #2 by NF
Replied by NF on topic Batteries
My childhood post-2011 was built on rechargeable AA batteries for the Wii remotes and Wii Balance Board. We played a lot of Mario Kart Wii and Wii Sports Resort (in fact, we still do), and we were constantly having to recharge the batteries.

We started off with two battery chargers, each of which had space for four AA or AAA batteries. Interestingly, we did have one pair of rechargeable AAA batteries, which I used for things like a magnetic digital timer on the refrigerator or a rain gauge (back when I was woefully ignorant of the existence of all-in-one weather stations with internet connectivity). But we primarily used the AA batteries in the charger, until someone stepped on it and broke the plug of one of them. Then we had to use the other one for a while, which was considerably lower quality and eventually just stopped working altogether. So for a few months, I was unsure of how to charge my several pairs of rechargeable AA batteries.

Until, like a miracle, in 2020, I bought myself an upgraded weather station. By this point, I was due for an upgrade, but I wanted more than just that. So I bought an air quality sensor. And you guessed it—it ran on AA batteries. But not only that, it actually charges them too! And I found that out by accident! (Yes yes, I could have just read the instructions, but usually I consider that to be an unnecessary step.) So now I charge the AA batteries in the air quality sensor outside whenever they need it. And yes, the sensor still works when charging the batteries, because it's always plugged into the wall.
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06 Dec 2021 22:49 #3 by Enigma
Replied by Enigma on topic Batteries
Is it just me, or were rechargeable batteries and their chargers way more common about 10 years ago? I tried going out and buying some earlier this year, and didn't really find anything good. I'll probably just blame that on the fact that Nintendo and PlayStation controllers don't really use expendable batteries anymore (Xbox actually still does, interestingly enough).

It's a real shame, because I used to have a charger back then, but it's been lost to time.

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