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08 Mar 2013 00:48 #1 by Daniel741852
My Apology Thread was created by Daniel741852
Hey guys, not sure if this is the right place to post but here's my apology to some of the forum members that I have annoyed, picked on, or anything else, alright lets start with the apologies shall we!

nobody - I'm dearly sorry for annoying the hell out of you on AIM, I just wasn't thinking on what I was doing, I would love it if you accepted my apology so we can be cool once again and not argue with each other.

IsrealiRD - Dearly sorry for registering the forums when I was underage, also sorry for posting many other crap without thinking on the forums, please accept this apology as I'm dearly sorry and will control myself more.

Wooly1 - Even though this guy quits, still sorry for calling you out and saying you suck and what not, if he didn't quit and he's reading this I would sincerely love it if he accepted my apology.

Pablo - Sorry for unnecessarily rating the LOTM levels with a very bad reason, would love it if you accepted my apology.

The Level Makers - Sorry for either taking your interiors or textures without your permission on my levels, I feel dearly sorry as I know how it feels now, I would love it if you accepted my apology.

The Marble Blast Community! - All of you guys, I'm dearly sorry for making wrongful posts on your threads, sending stupid PM's to you guys, and making wrongful comments, please accept my apology.

That's all who I have to apologize to, if you don't accept my apology than I understand why, just please take your time and think about it.

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