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10 Jun 2016 02:06 - 10 Jun 2016 07:08 #1 by Xedron
Me in the Future/My opinions was created by Xedron
So, as probably everyone knows by now, we've had some tensions between members/staff over the past few weeks. It's been over many things...first starting off with some of the *spammiest* members getting banned by staff. I was originally one of the people trying to stop the hate. I tried leaving the discord chat, only to rejoin it the following day. I almost because obsessed with trying to act like all the other members in the group, to fit in. At the same time, with everyone else moving in with the discord group, it made me feel left out.

I don't think I've expressed my real self to anyone in this community. I'm probably known by most members and staff as one of the less constructive members here. I never wanted to have that intention, but I couldn't help it. You could say I spend too much effort on here and not on other stuff, but it bothered me, a lot. So much that I deleted all my post, removed all of my stats, and tried to remove any sign of me rejoining the community. Now that I am pretty active both on and off the forum, it's pretty clear that idea never came through.

I felt down most of this past grade, although I made pretty good grades I had to deal with a group online that was bothering me throughout the course of about 9 months. I tried to stop my time online for a while, but I couldn't stop..I was addicted.

Now I must say after 9 years of marble blasting, I am beginning to reach the stage I am becoming less interested in playing this game. Nothing really has me hooked to the game like it was when I first opened up MBG as a 5-year old kid in 2006. I am starting to reach the stage in life I have other things to do besides playing with balls on a 13 year-old game. School work is beginning to get more and more tough, especially being in both Algebra and the GT (gifted and talented) program. Although this may happen soon, this community is a great place. Being one of the youngest members here, I have people to look up to, This isn't to say "I don't like this place I'm quitting", it's to say that I am trying my best to stay with you guys. Honestly, I may not be in the stage I am without you guys helping me out along the way.

So now, to actually give a clear answer to the title: I will try to change my attitude. I'm going to try and get more involved in the community from now on. I'm not going to quit, so don't worry about that. I am going to limit spamming. I am going to try custom levels again, if I can get back on track like I did before. You haven't seen everything out of me yet.

Now, for my opinion on the community tensions. I already explained a lot on the "Behavior Issues" thread by Matan, but I still feel I should've given more out over the issue. There seems to be two sides of staff and how they take control of us members.

1. The kind that tries to stop stuff that is wrong, but can have fun when the time is right. They still try to do what is right for the webchat, MBP, PQ etc. if it involves consequences.

2. The kind that when stuff goes wrong, it will usually resolve with bans/other consequences. If things get out of control, they might have to go to zero tolerance. They also try to do what is right for the community, but usually in a more strict manner.

While both of these sides are okay for a staff position, I feel like this place could use more of a balance. This has been shown through some of our decisions in the past, and mostly in the recent tensions with members. And then you have Discord, the common place for most people, including me, to chat. It's not a big problem for me, although occasionally something gets leaked in there that might cause harm.

To be honest, I was never bothered by some of the mods calling me out. Even the incident with Threefolder (which was taken way too far imo) was ended with a friendly apology. I think I was more bothered by how some of the members reacted to it. For example "Salt king" "Saltfolder", "The saltiest staff member" and so on. I am trying not to call anyone out but just in the future I wished to keep this at a minimum. It was half my fault for never informing anyone about this, but that doesn't mean it could've been avoided. :)

That is my opinion on the community as of right now. I hope that you, and especially staff, somewhat can agree on my thoughts in this thread. I also probably made a few mistakes/typos/went off-topic a bit, as this was written over the course of 3 hours. If you want to know anything else or share your opinion, I would be happy to know. :cheer:


"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017
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10 Jun 2016 03:33 - 10 Jun 2016 03:41 #2 by Blasted
Replied by Blasted on topic Me in the Future/My opinions
I more or less feel the same way. I also had the intention of deleting my rude posts as well, but since the damages were done, there was nothing I can do about it. I got warning levels because of it. Whether it is going off-topic in the Hangman Game, insulting Lichable, or breaking the Support rules. It was a sign that I had to remain dead silent on the forums so I wouldn't break any more rules, let alone get consequented by the staff. This was because I needed to stop acting like a quadruple post, slobbering, whiny kid and start acting like a mute member.

I was also less interested in MB than I was 10 years ago. I loved MBP with a passion in 2009/2010, but now it feels like it isn't showing me anymore love. Maybe, it will change when PQ comes out.

Thanks for stating your opinions.
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