file Ping Pong Incident! (Jiquor Humiliation)

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27 Aug 2016 21:40 - 28 Aug 2016 16:17 #1 by Jiquor
So yesterday when I arrived in California, my dad and I were playing ping pong and the two most crazy things happened to me during the games we played. Here are the moments:

1. One serve my dad was serving, and the wind picked up suddenly faster. My dad served so the ball was coming toward me hard and I hit the ball and it just got stuck in the air. (The ball was like hovering in the air for some strange reason so I hit it again with my paddle.) So then at that EXACT same moment the wind started to shift toward the opposite direction when I hit the ball, so the ball went up into the sky and I was looking upwards wondering where the hell it went, and so I saw that it landed on this large edge of the roof of the large building, and it rolled off the edge and got stuck on the roof... LOL
I was laughing SO HARD that moment that I had to stop playing the game for 5 minutes to get myself together.

2. During the end of the game (second match) it was 17 to 19 and I was the score of 17, so I hit the ball and some wind made it roll past a gate fence so my dad was chasing it and had to figure out how to open the gate to get it (I was laughing really hard at this point, not so sure why!) Then when he got the ball I couldn't stop laughing STILL for some odd reason but what shut me up is when I was 18 to 19 and my dad got the 20th point because the ball bounced on my side when my dad hit the ball and the wind carried it a little upwards and I was still laughing a little longer, and...

...the ball landed straight
in my mouth.

EDIT: Forgot to mention that on the game where the ball went on the roof my dad won that one. In the game where the ball flew into my mouth like some sort of crazy Laurel and Hardy type-skit, I still somehow managed to win that one 25 to 23. (we went over because my dad and I kept tying 20-20, I got 21-20, then my dad got 21-21...) In Ping Pong, all games go to 21, but you have to be two points over to win. (ex: 19 to 21 = win, but 20 to 21 = keep going until someone gets over 2 points)

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27 Aug 2016 22:12 #2 by Nockess
Replied by Nockess on topic Ping Pong Incident! (Jiquor Humiliation)
Too bad I wasn't there when it happened. Sounds like a pretty funny story to me!
I can't say I'm good at ping pong either. :P

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28 Aug 2016 16:02 #3 by Evoker
Replied by Evoker on topic Ping Pong Incident! (Jiquor Humiliation)
This almost sounds too hilarious to be true :silly: I really love table tennis (is this what you Americans call ping-pong??) but I'm not that great. Still, I've never played it in such windy conditions lol

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