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19 Jun 2017 12:12 #1 by lxgenda
Good to be back. was created by lxgenda

To any player that does not know about me, I am legenda1236, named as "legenda" by the community. I started playing this game back at 2012 because of IsraeliRD, and I got introduced to the MB community on the 3rd of April, 2014. I've remembered that the three guys that I first saw were Krishiv, promarbler14, and Jeef. I remembered that I suck a lot at MP, or maybe I'm still bad at it. For singleplayer, I screamed in glee so loud because I achieved such a fast time in a MBP Expert level The Time Modifier Race, but of course it was debunked because screen-shotting is banned, sadly.

I was a player with a normal attitude, except for the fact that I can get very energetic. By 2015-2016 I got introduced to the JoJ memes and I was so obsessed that I made it my motto. Being honest, as I write this I'm very embarrassed about this. I still once have the heart to keep in touch with the MB community, seeing it change for the greater good.

However, by the time that I have a relationship that started in December 2016, I unfortunately lost my interest towards this community, leaping over to Roblox for greener pastures. I left the Discord server as well multiple times, twice specifically. I felt sad and guilty because I suddenly left without a proper reason, and I was tempted by my own thoughts to return.

So now, I am here, and it feels really great to be back. Would I just leave without reason? Of course I won't, for the final time.

I've returned, or something.
- lxgenda

"tl;dr joj" - legenda 2016
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19 Jun 2017 12:50 #2 by hPerks
Replied by hPerks on topic Good to be back.
Welcome back man, it seems like things have been a bit tough for you lately but nothing to feel guilty about. Hope you'll come back discord brah and join in the fun again - up to you though at the end of the day.

No need to be embarrassed about the joj either. A few harmless memes in casual conversation shouldn't stop people from taking you seriously the rest of the time. If it does, then that's on them, not you.

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