file My House Renovation Update (8 months to go)

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21 Sep 2012 10:54 #1 by NaCl586
If you see me online on the forums, I actually was online from either my school's computer or from my phone. This time, I'm using my school's computer.

Last days, I have been online on the forums because Nihahhat told me that the CGL is released from msn. Because I really got into that news, I opened the forums and downloaded it from phone (with approx 1-2 kbps). Since that I like to see what's up on the forums. And now I can open the forums normally from phone. I also being lied about my promise from my last blog that I wont upload yt vid. But in fact, I uploaded some videos in my stacking channel (NainCycle586). I am sorry about that. So I think I am back in half, just less opening yt, especially viewing yt vids.

So about my house renovation, sadly the renovation just started today or in some days. Actually we have moved since June, and my house had broken down since August, but because of the stupido Jakarta government agencies (find in the internet why), the building permits just done now, and a plot has built on the ruins of my house. And today or in some days, my house renovation starts. So lets wait for 8 more months maybe for me to get my house completely renovated.

The bad thing that I have to quit mbelite during that, because I lost my internet connection for db. I will join it back when I can get the internet back for db.


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22 Sep 2012 00:59 #2 by Matthew
Replied by Matthew on topic My House Renovation Update (8 months to go)
o: My house is being renovated atm right now, my backside of house is rotting. That's too bad that you're not gonna be able to work on mbeliete.

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