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18 Jan 2014 13:02 #1 by NaCl586
Some new things of me was created by NaCl586
Well, idk why I'm writing this but I'm going to write about the new things I know when I was inactive in this forums and after that (and its consequences until now).

While having around 16 months without internet, I met a lot of new games. And also when I got my internet back, I met another new games. And to be honest they are more addicting and could actually steal my times from Marble Blast (but not making me not playing it anymore). And as if you see on my time capsule, I got a Wii U last year, and I got couple games. They are NSMBU, Wind Waker HD, and SM3D world. Unfortunately I don't play them often. For 3ds I also got a lot of games, one of them that I like is A link between worlds. The game is completed but I haven't done the hero mode.

PC Games: In the end of January 2013, I was introduced to Zelda Classic. It's an application that will play custom zelda quests (that program also includes the editor). I've played 3 popular quests until now, they are Lost Isle, Isle of the Winds, and Hidden Duality. Even at the end of 2013, I got a chance to make my own quest, The Realm of Courage (if you see them on my youtube). Those quests are really addicting and fun to play, and it's also fun to make my own quests. Currently I'm making another quest which is the remake of my quest. I don't know if I'm able to complete them or even touch and start doing some parts because I don't really have time and ideas. And also at the end of 2013, I met a not really new game for me but I got a chance to play that game, the game is Touhou. It's a crazy hard shooting game, despite its difficulty, it's a fun and addicting game. Not only the game but the anime from that game. I become fall in love with that game now, the characters and the musics are wonderful and awesome. I have three sequels from that game, the 6th, 7th, and 8th installment of Touhou. That games now spend most of my time when I got to the computer, I uploaded some videos of zelda classic and touhou to my youtube, they nearly don't get a single view :( I really needs views for them (that's not my main point of writing this blog).

School: This thing now also consumes my weekdays, I'm also 10th grade science class now, they are so many things that I need to learn. And also because I qualified from the qualification of science club, I'm on science club now for chemistry. Because of that I need to learn deeper chemistry, in this case organic chemistry. They are a lot and confusing, but I have to study them in order to go to the national science competition. So far, I've learned 70 pages out of 500 (currenlty I'm on alkene and alkyne). And they are also more test and projects in this grade to compared than last grade. Well then that's why I don't really have time to play games (not really, I still played them when I can).

This long text means that I will be less active playing Marble Blast (even I still play it sometimes). Everything in my life now is getting more heavier. So anyway thanks for reading (if someone reads this).


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