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21 Dec 2014 10:58 - 21 Dec 2014 11:00 #1 by NaCl586
Sharing a bit of my gaming life :) was created by NaCl586
I am a gamer since I was 6 years old, though only for games with cute and adorable characters, not as hard and killer as other games. Gaming is my life, but it is not an addiction for myself. I myself would rather make games instead of playing games. When I was a kid, I always make a screen of a level editor for any games in a cardboard. I realize at that time that I really wanted a level editor for any games I made. Sadly, it is almost impossible. I finally found and get to used with a level editor when I was around 10 years old. Obviously without knowing so much about levels and very little experience with video games, my levels which I created are kinda noobish and horrible. Then I realize that I should play games in order to get a really good experience of level design and game design, it's true that when I got back for making levels, my levels are better, though it is still not really great. I can't really believe I do what I did in the past on a computer and a real program, instead of a cardboard which I cut and write just to make a GUI.

Now, I think I am experienced enough in Marble Blast and Zelda, in both playing and designing. I try to make anything look great. My family thought that I am a gamer, so do my friends, but in reality, it is not. I play games for experience so I can make games, but really what makes me disappointed is people always wanted to ban me to play video games. I don't play games, I make games. There's the only place where my imagination can become true. There are a lot of stuff which I made actually come from my childhood. Also, not little too which levels I made created horrible nightmare to me.

Staying hours and hours in front of computer, which always my family thought I was playing for hours and get addicted. However, it's not true at all. I can get bored when playing games, but I almost never get bored when making games and stages. I stop when what I did become a junk and looking horrible. It doesn't mean that I stop and get bored. I always continue when I feel I wanted to continue, but I really never wanted to stop designing a stage when I am full of ideas. Ideas come only in very short period of time, or maybe it is a spontaneous thing which fly in my mind.

Second thing about video games which is another important aspect for me is its music. Music is something that player listened when they're playing the game, except the player decided to mute it. Personally, I never mute the music for any video games. The truth is most of my smartphone's music are video games music, that's my favorite genre of any music to be honest. Because of that, I have an ability to remember what game is that, any memories when playing the game, how the game looks like just by listening to a particular game music. It is another important aspect of a game, though the game is horible, I'd still play to that game because of the music, for example, Magic Inlay. Personally I must say that game is boring, but I still love to play it because of its wonderful music.

In 2011, I composed my first video game music ever, though it is not that great, but its melodies are catchy and the music overall is memorious. And in 2014, I made 7 video game musics in span of a year, all by experience, feelings, and love, doesn't matter if it does fit to a particular game or not.

In conclusion, being noobish when playing and making games is normal, because honestly, I did that on every new game I play. The difference is the matter of language when being noobish. So then, I won't really get surprised if someone new in any game forums is noobish.

The last thing is I wanted to say something about my latest finished project, Marble Blast GLC, and my current project, Zelda Classic: Elemental Journey. About Marble Blast GLC, in my opinion, it is not good comparing to other mods, though I made that mod by myself, I always measure things from features, not from design, so good design with old features is useless, rather than bad design with new features. Hoestly, I'd really like a slanted circuit and TUFC styled levels in Marble Blast Super, rather than my mod. I really wanted to join Marble Blast Super, if I am not that busy. About Zelda Classic: Elemental Journey. I don't know if I will be able to make it completed or no, but I wish I will complete it. Designing every single screens of the quest is not a quick and easy job. It could take hours and days to complete just a dungeon. Plain rooms for me is not good, though popular ZC quests out there has a lot of rooms like that, however, my quest doesn't. Though a room only intended to have enemies battle, I will still design it as great as possible, instead leaving it plain with less decoration.

Okay that's just a blog or maybe you may say diary of my gaming life.

I'm just an ordinary marble blaster who like to create new and unusual things.

Creator of the Marble Blast GLC series
Check out and download my custom levels here .
Check out my original musics in this thread and in my soundcloud here .
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