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31 Aug 2013 04:19 #1 by Jeff
Response to Shoutbox was created by Jeff
Since the shoutbox don't keep a permanent lookup history, I'll first post this quote in that I'm going to respond too in this thread:

Quote:Yeah, you're right. How long is the website delayed for? It seems every new project is delayed a few months after the said release
-mfpwnsall aka SuperSonic135

Now, this isn't supposed to be targeted at SuperSonic or any forum member. I'll try to keep this as neutral as possible, I just felt that it would be more beneficial as our guests can not see the shoutbox, as well as the shoutbox well....not seeing it after a couple of days. This should clear the air for some people, and from now on I can redirect them to here.

Before I get into it though, I want to say thank you to supersonic for stating this on the new forums thread:

Quote:It sounds like there's a lot of other stuff you guys have to do while making the new website. I understand how much stress it is when you have lots of stuff to do at once. Hope this'll end up awesome!

That really makes me at least feel happy that people are still thankful and are supporting us

Okay, so people, along with SuperSonic, have been basically asking the question why are these projects taken so long. Personally, I thought over the past 2 years, this had been answered and answers could be found out by doing a little bit of searching and digging around.

Guys (and gals), we are not doing this to troll anybody, to say haha we have access and you don't kind of attitude when stuff is mentioned about MBP 1.50, PQ, Fubar, and the website. We all have lives. That's the main thing. Debugging in an old engine takes a while, as well as keeping motivation in a project that takes a long time to complete. We all have jobs, university, highschool, whatever the case may be. This is a free game, we are doing this for you guys. I know that we are all excited for 1.50 to come out, as well as fubar and PQ. Matan showed streams of PQ and MBP 1.50. We have actively answering questions and concerns people have. We have been active on the forums, and even people who take it a step further like Matan that made a custom level with trace and buzzmusic.

We are working on them. I know that you guys have been fairly patient with us, and we appreciate that so very much. But I want everybody to take at least 2 things out of this post.

We have been trying to keep improving Multiplayer where we can so that you guys can have the full potential and have less likely for another major patch that would take another long time. We want to do it right.

I don't care if you read this post or not, but at least read what I have to say about this:

1. This is a FREE mod
2. This is made on our time

I am a programmer. Most here know me for being one of the major contributors to Marble Blast Platinum and PlatinumQuest.

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31 Aug 2013 07:40 #2 by Trace
Replied by Trace on topic Response to Shoutbox
PQ WHERe (╯°â–¡°ï¼‰â•¯ï¸µ ┻━┻

MP WHERe (╯°â–¡°ï¼‰â•¯ï¸µ ┻━┻

1.50 WHERe (╯°â–¡°ï¼‰â•¯ï¸µ ┻━┻

But on a serious note, keep up the good work, stuff comes as it comes, we can wait.

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31 Aug 2013 08:10 #3 by Sefaroooooooooo
Replied by Sefaroooooooooo on topic Response to Shoutbox
Matan has MBP WRR2, MBP 1.50, PQ, MBF, New forums, His youtube channel where he uploads every week and he has a job. Matan is a very very busy man.

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31 Aug 2013 11:47 #4 by ProMarbler
Replied by ProMarbler on topic Response to Shoutbox
So clicking the chatbox log link and posting it here wouldn't work?

And Trace, you forgot MBF for the others.

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31 Aug 2013 16:30 #5 by Andrew
Replied by Andrew on topic Response to Shoutbox
Well said, Jeff!

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31 Aug 2013 19:01 #6 by Pablo
Replied by Pablo on topic Response to Shoutbox
Great post, thanks.

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01 Sep 2013 02:37 #7 by Marblemaster1
Replied by Marblemaster1 on topic Response to Shoutbox
I just want to say that although I have sometimes said otherwise in the Shoutbox, I think it is amazing that Jeff, Higuy, Matan, and the entire MBP/PQ crew are doing this huge project for us, even though they're not making anything from it. Speaking on behalf of probably the entire MB community, we can wait; we'd rather have an amazing MB mod in 5 years than a crap one now.

You guys rock!

while (!PQ.getIsReleased())
      System.out.println("PQ WHERe");
You know what's boring? Opaque marble skins. You know what's not? Glass Marbles!

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