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24 May 2013 21:56 #1 by Jeff
SUMMER was created by Jeff
Last day of school was today. We ended really early this year in comparison to other schools and the years past. Junior year was a decent year all-in-all (can you believe I'm practically a senior now, where has the time gone!). Anyways, being done will give me more time now to focus my energy on MBP and multiplayer. The goal is that MBP and MP programming should be done ASAP so that it is done.

On other news, I have been learning C++ since February where I have been spending time programming complex stuff in it. The basics of C++ is just too boring, so when I start to code in a new language, I just dive full throttle right into it. I will not mention what I have been working on in C++ as it just personal stuff, but I think that my learning curve keeps getting steeper and steeper every time I write something. I really, in all honesty, prefer C++ over Java and c#. Java and C# does not provide the amount of control that one can accomplish in C++. I'm not trying to bash computer languages, but in my opinion C++ is better for just about anything that Java can do, mind you that C++ is much, much older, it is still one of the most used programming languages today.

Anyways, time to relax without having the worry of doing homework...ah senior year awaits...


I am a programmer. Most here know me for being one of the major contributors to Marble Blast Platinum and PlatinumQuest.

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27 May 2013 06:49 #2 by Jkk39
Replied by Jkk39 on topic SUMMER
You're lucky! I still have 2 4 day weeks. Not to bad i guess . Hope you're having fun on your break so far.

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