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31 Dec 2011 21:44 #1 by Jeff
What a year. was created by Jeff
Wow, what a year. That went fast, heh. And here I am, writing this blog 10.5 hours before the new year arrives at EST.

This year was full of good and bad memories in this community. First of all, its been over a year I have been here now, and I dont plan on leaving for a long time. I have gotten to know such talented people over the past 14 months. Some people inspired me so much, that they dont even know it. I was also happy to reach 750 posts the other day, and was thankful for the colored name by such talented leaders of the marble blasting community. Sure, we had some downfalls, and many mods died. However, the community is still hanging on, and I hope more and more people come back in the year to come! Since the new year is arriving, i have a few things to talk about.

#1. Project Revolution.

Most of you should know by now that Project Revolution is a mod lead by HiGuy and yours truely. You also know that PR has a multiplayer protocal, and its the first mod to have it successfully, with a semi-hax'd collision system. thats what I want to talk about today. Yes, PR has collisions. HOwever, its different than you would expect. Since collisions are checked at approximatly 50 times a second, it seems pretty fair that it would be good. However, if two clients were to collide going fast, you would go through each other. Of course its still buggy, and we try our hardest to overcome such bugs. If two clients were going at a grandma's speed, they smack off of each other, and get pushed.

Pretty soon, there should be another preview of what PR looks like, with a differnet level or two besides that one that keeps poping up in teasers.

#2. People of the community.

I wanted to say that there are very talented people in this comunity. I am happy to be a part of it of course. However, there is just no way I can thank them enough for what they have done. A few people i would like to thank are HiGuy, Seizure22, Andrew, Matan, and the MBP/PQ team as a hole. You guys are awesome (not saying the rest of you are not ). Its just, these people are the ones who have inspired me the most, and can rely on the most.

I hope that everybody has a good new year, and hopefully the mb community has a burst of excitement!

Happy new year everybody!


I am a programmer. Most here know me for being one of the major contributors to Marble Blast Platinum and PlatinumQuest.

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