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20 Mar 2020 04:49 #1 by Starwide
Basically in 20 minutes I made a MBG texture overhaul but with tiles of solid colour. I did this by choosing the colour that already covered the majority of the tile texture in the first place and I placed on another layer on top a rectangle of that majority colour which makes the whole game look like a roblox recreation which is kinda funny to me. The only affected textures in this overhaul are the floor/wall tiles; the trim, hazards and everything else has not changed.

Link to this texture overhaul:
(btw it's named miniscule blast gold in the zip folder since that's what I named the overhaul originally but I thought it sounded stupid lol)

Please send any feedback if you have anything.
Hope you have fun playing this texture overhaul !!
- Starwide

Image of King Of The Mountain so you can get an idea of what these textures look like:

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