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02 Mar 2021 04:04 - 02 Mar 2021 04:10 #1
As a big fan of custom levels, I have always wanted to play every level I could get my hands on. The CLA is fantastic, but it hasn't included any levels after April of 2016. I noticed there were plenty of newer levels that were on the forums, but they had to be downloaded individually. So, I decided to compile every level I could get my hands on into a massive level pack that includes all levels between the most recent CLA update and now. I gathered every level I could find on the forums and the website, but nearly all of them came from the custom levels section of the forums.

In total, I compiled over 800 levels. Some of the levels are already in the custom level packs on the leaderboards, and there are also many custom levels that are part of a series, such as MBG reversed, or Marble Blast Screwed Up. I organized some of the missions into folders if they were part of such a series, just so they are easier to navigate to and play in succession. All you have to do to install the pack is put all of the individual folders in the zip file into your platinum/data folder, and replace any files it asks for. Since this pack is so large and involves overwriting many existing files, backing up your game files may be a good idea, especially if you are making custom levels yourself. Also, some of the newer levels used interiors from the existing CLA, so all of the interiors from the CLA are already included in this pack, but none of the missions are.

Here is the Google Drive link:

All of the levels have been tested to make sure they work and are possible. There were a few changes that I had to make to a handful of levels, most of which were quite minor, but all changes are listed below.

-Edited OOB Trigger on "Checkpoint Training Course" to make finishing possible. (Previously forced you to finish while OOB)
-Coordinated with Nockess to fix errors within several of their levels.
-Moved start pad location in "Level 4: The Sewer" and "Level 4: The Sewer [No Obstacles]" so that you would not spawn off the map.
-Several of Ralph's skyboxes were missing from the CLA, but the levels that used them were present. I included the missing skies in my "skies" folder, but not the levels that used them. Also included a Technostar skybox that was missing from the CLA.
-Moved around several interiors and gems/items in "Cat Fur", as some gems were inside of interiors. The changes were somewhat significant, but do not effect the flow of the level.
-Fixed several of Threefolder's old MP levels, as they were not set to play in hunt mode.

In my search, I also came across a few levels that were broken in some significant ways, or refused to even start. I didn't want to completely exclude them from the pack, but I did want them separate. Here is a link to a zip file with a handful of broken levels if anyone is interested:

This project took significantly longer than I expected, though I suppose that is primarily because of me testing each level. I hope that other custom level fanatics like myself enjoy this large level collection. If there are issues with any levels, or if you are the author of any levels included, feel free to reply with your thoughts or any level updates/fixes.

One last thing: Even though I'm a huge fan of custom levels, I've never been big on making them myself. However, I have made a couple levels throughout the many years I have been playing this game, but I only still have access to one of them. I decided to finally upload the level I've had in my possession for so long into this pack. It's called The Interior Race. It's a LE level, and not a very good one at that, but I think the concept is interesting, also it's very long, like 30+ minutes. Regardless, try to enjoy my level, and enjoy the level pack!
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16 Mar 2021 01:01 #2
nice one dude
ur like
a legend
good job man
by the way the interior race is the best level ive ever played
thanky you for makening it

signing off,
Climber Greenjoepie the Asleep
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05 Jun 2021 14:05 #3
posting here because yes

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