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file Lee's Levels [NEW: Nature Ascention]

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13 May 2017 15:25 - 13 May 2017 15:33 #91 by Lee
Lee replied the topic: Lee's Levels [NEW: Green Adventure]
New level!

This is the level that I am proud of the most! All because of the .dts shapes made by yours truly.

Please read the readme text provided in the .zip file. (Contributors' must ;) )

Nature Ascention

*updated because I put in the wrong .mis omfg*

shut up lamp
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14 May 2017 18:36 #92 by Weather
Weather replied the topic: Lee's Levels [NEW: Nature Ascention]
The gameplay was nothing new, but wow it looks cool, not only because of the shapes but also the interior.

For basically everything that involves .dts shapes and Blender.

u wot m8

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16 May 2017 04:05 - 16 May 2017 04:06 #93 by Xedron
Xedron replied the topic: Lee's Levels [NEW: Nature Ascention]
Okay first off, I want to point out the ridiculous increase in the quality of your levels recently. You are slowly becoming one of my new favorite creators. This is just a normal review of Nature Ascention:

The first part is a pretty neat idea, however the stairs are pointless because you can rather easily just use diagonal movement to make it up the ice slope. I like what you were going for though, and the design/structures on the stairs look really cool. The TM after the ice slope is well-placed also.

Onto the second section, I really love all the models/shapes you used in this portion of the level in particular. It really adds depth to the level. Gameplay-wise it lacks a little, and occasionally the rocks can be annoying. Possibly a bit too straight-forward for me.

Now the gravity section. It's built well, and I really like the spiral-design with the wooden blocks. The trees are frustrating, however, when navigating this part. I think the scenery looks a little more sloppy than the other parts in the level but I'm getting really picky lol.

I also like the little tower at the end, feels a little like a Threefolder-design to me which is really cool.

I think design-wise this is without a doubt your best level, gameplay could be improved in spots but assuming this level was supposed to be more about the scenery/decoration I think you nailed it.

"cna you salt spalt the slevel salt of 6 year salt who ca salt the lsat" - nobody, 2017
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