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10 May 2023 20:45 #1 by EdFanTheSuperMegaKid
The Finest Post about Constructor and OpenMBU idk was created by EdFanTheSuperMegaKid
Hello I haven't made a post in a while so this is just a random post or some crap idk

But I'll say some stuff

I never realized that OpenMBU is actually a separate thing, I thought they were all talking about the Legacy PC Port (or as I call it LegacyMBU), until I joined the OpenMBU Discord
I am nearly done with all the normal stages, I just need to do Advanced Levels 57-60, under par time
I know it's still in beta stages but it makes me wanna do custom content for it, or better yet, bring custom content to it from LegacyMBU
It also makes me wanna create a MBU-styled gem hunt level based off the Test Tube stage from Marble Blast Fusion, but I need to figure out how I can get .jng files into Constructor or find another way around it. It will be called "Nuevo Complex" (of course if I can I'll port it to PQ)

I'll need to fiddle around with Constructor's features for it to exist so yeah anyways here's this goober

A stupidly noobish Marble Blast player who despises Castle Colossus and wants to make a Fusion DLC for OpenMBU
I wanna be a Master Marbler but I suck at MB

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