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28 Apr 2012 11:51 #1 by IsraeliRD
Unfinished levels was created by IsraeliRD
Based on a suggestion by Ticket2Ride this thread is different to the community maps one.

In this thread, you are encouraged to post any of your .map files which are unfinished and you no longer wish to work on. This allows others to pick it up and complete it. Please note that levels with very little in them will be removed as you practically gave us nothing.

Please follow this set of procedure:

Name of Creator: ___________ (this allows you to be credited for the idea/map)

MAP name: _________ (self-explanatory)

MAP can be downloaded at: (must be provided

QRK/CSX can be downloded at: (Optional)

Any additional textures NOT in MBG/P defaults: (Required if uses custom textures that you made OR are CLA textures OR are from constructor [default provided]. If from another mod you SHOULD mention which mod it is so we can get it.)

MAP Screenshot: [*img][/img] - Must be provided so we can see how much was done in your .map and therefore help us determine whether your map has sufficient stuff in it or not.

Level idea: What your level idea was. Why did you make the level? What were your imagining in your head when you were building the level? What's the end goal of the level? How will it play out etc. Be as specific and informative as you can.
My level, Cannon Sniper, will revolve around Cannons.
Originally it was based on Pipe Sniper so I would like the starting area to resemble it (copy it off if needed). I would like players to use two cannons (one of each side of the start pad). A third cannon in front of the player will send the player to the goal.
Using the two cannons, they are to skillshot a number of gems around the level. Additional Time Travels are available but these will be much much harder to attain. A number of targets will be behind gems (but not all!) in order to point players where to shoot. I want the level rather simple, so keep off using powerups and hazards and instead concentrate on different launch speeds, marble speed/spin control, aiming of marble using the cannons and landing. Allow two checkpoints for sanity.
I want the level set in a construction theme and since it's mainly cannon-based and there isn't much of platforming, I'd like to have a lot of scenery (composed of roughly 95+ % of the level). I want the scenery accessible so that players will check the level more and some may enjoy just rolling around there. Around 90-95% of scenery must be in the cannons' range while the last 5-10% cannot be accessed by the player by any possible means.
Scenery is mainly composed of glass/bricks structures but also wooden planks to give the feeling of construction-theme.
To get back to the start, players have two MPs (like in Pipe Sniper) but also have a cannon at the bottom platform to shoot them up.

Now someone else can complete the level. For example, he/she ends up with this and releases it to the public (with me credited with the idea/original author).

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.

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28 Apr 2012 14:22 #2 by RDs.The-dts-guy
Replied by RDs.The-dts-guy on topic Unfinished levels
Very good idea! So lets get this thing rolling.
Name of Creator: RDs.empire

MAP name: Skillcourse ( But must be changed since i have no idea for name )

MAP can be downloaded at:

All textures used should be in CLA big interiors folder or PF's constructor texture package.

This is map i worked on about 1.5 years ago (can be seen by misalignments and few mistakes). This map was my idea of introducing concept of ''gyrocopter obstacle dodge'' (witch wasn't so successful) and few other new ideas for challenges.
Basically you start by Half pipe and go to the gyrocopter challenge. Then there comes SJ (witch should avoid anyone keeping helicopter) and you must use superbounce to bounce between walls long enough for TP to teleport you in building. In building basically you just have to pass challenge of exiting gaps and surviving on trapdoors long enough. After taking moving platfoorm comes watercourse and most ''stupid'' part in map: tightropes. And after that you must jump and use SS to aim in sandy hole that teleports you to top of platform.
That is how far i got.
Map should export flawlessly (i usaly keep my maps that way) but i suggest making this map in CSX to conserve piramids in building.
Please note: Only thing im not allowing anyone to take from map and dump it in his own level is water course. Rest of parts can be taken and used in other levels.

Some guy that does DTS shapes and levels.

AWESOME time HINT : When making PQ level place your custom interiors and textures in platinum/data/interiors_pq/custom
makes life easier for you and everyone else :)

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28 Apr 2012 18:27 #3 by Marble_of_Randomness
Replied by Marble_of_Randomness on topic Unfinished levels
Name of Creator: RandomMarble38
MAP Name: StabilityIssues1
MAP can be downloaded at:

Level Idea: This was created randomly by me because of extreme boredom and desperate craving for inspiration. So, I just did this level with all the challenges I can come up with that has to do with the word unstable. Tightropes weren't a smart option so I just came up with a variety of interesting, struggling and alluring (tried to) challenges.

Then, I wanted the challenges to be something special. Something uncommon yet extraordinary but then, I failed yet again so yeah. Those are my worthful yet horrible attempts to make a good level. Started this a few weeks ago so, that explains my failures.

For the walkthrough, I added several hazards on the sheared pathway leading to the slanted ramps. So, the first few hazards are a few, small nukes, bumpers, oil spills and on the end of the path, I added a fan facing upwards. Trust me, it's a flawless trap. As for the slanted ramps, I simply added few fans on the surface of the platform and several more bumpers. After the first slanted ramp directing a bit upward, the steep, slanted platform has a fan on its surface, on the middle point of its upper face. Forwarding to the 5th one (the second, opposite steep, slanted platform), I did the same thing. Positioned a fan on the surface, facing diagonally upwards. Then, I placed a gravity defier on the other aspect of the level which is on the end of the final steep, slanted platform. The rest is puzzling, but evident. (Lazy to explain the rest)

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05 May 2012 01:20 #4 by Buzzmusic
Replied by Buzzmusic on topic Unfinished levels
Name of creator: Buzzmusic100

MAP name: (this won't be the name of the level of course )

MAP can be downloaded at:

MAP screenshot:

Level idea:
Do you ever have those times when you perform a super lucky skillshot? Well, that's what this level is about. This level is ALL about accuracy. Stuff such as far away edge-hits, accurate bounces, and more. I don't have that many ideas, and the ones that I have could be better. So I want this level to be a little bit longer and stuff.
Here are a few challenges I already have:
*Speed Booster Edge Trick (slowly roll off of an edge and then activate the SB to get height)
*Difficult Edge-Hit (you'll need to jump and be accurate)
*Loop Exit
*Blah Blah Blah you get the idea
Oh and also, LOTS of checkpoints. Or else, this will be too frustrating. Don't be afraid to overuse checkpoints, we'll need lots of them.
For the length, I don't want it to be TOO long, because then this level would be too frustrating.
For the textures, I'd like the floors to be the hot textures. I don't mind if you use all of the hot textures. Try to make, oh I don't know, four challenges for each color. And by the way, no trim.
For the scenery (which I don't have in here yet), I'd like some sort of cubical frames of mbu_pattern_cool2 all around the level. No curves please. I'm aiming for something crazy, but it should be easy.
You can change anything in here a little bit. But what I really need is some new challenges added that aren't too easy, but still short and sweet. Remember to choose challenges that focus on pure accuracy. And don't be afraid to make the challenges really hard.
So by now, I think you get the idea.
*Tons of checkpoints
*Short expert challenges throughout
*Wacky but cubical scenery to surround it

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