file Marble Blast Static Shapes "Crashes" my Constructor

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26 Jan 2016 16:05 #1 by Nockess
I had my short rage time yesterday for a reason. I accidentally deleted my part of the Community Group Level, and I was finished with it for the exception of adding in the static shapes for Marble Blast.
This was all because when I installed the static shapes, my Constructor got messed up and started to look like this.

Since my Constructor was messed up like this, I decided to reinstall the program. I used the uninstall program in Constructor and last second I realized that it deleted my CGL part along with it (because the .map was in the scenes folder where I usually never put my .map files).
There's the story.

So earlier this morning I reinstalled Constructor as well as putting in all the textures, old .map files from my other computer, and everything else including the static shapes. Still I got this blank screen. I could interact with the File tab, the Edit tab, and all the other ones, but nothing else worked.
There's a chance that I won't have this problem on my other computer, but there's no guarantee. I'd also like to finish my CGL part as soon as possible since I've waited long enough. :S

How can I fix this?

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26 Jan 2016 17:43 #2 by HiGuy
If you open the Layout tab and select Layouts -> Constructor Default, does the interface reappear? Sometimes it can become cleared (not sure how, may be an issue with the database).

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