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19 Feb 2016 09:48 - 19 Feb 2016 10:10 #1 by QwertyQwertz
Awesome 1 Week Level Building Competition! was created by QwertyQwertz
Hello everyone! Even though I am terrible at making levels, I'm hosting a 1 week Level Building Competition!

This will be the first Level Building Competition by me. Good Luck Marblers! All you need to do is send a link to your level on this post. I will play them all as well.
The winner will be the one whose level I like the most.

To help you out, here is a small list of stuff I like/dislike about levels.

I really hate gem collection levels, unless they have lots of really cool obstacles.
I'm pretty much obsessed with Gyrocopters and Bouncy Floors.
I really like nice simple levels, probably cuz i'm a nub :(

I don't have much else to say. And also, i'm probably going to upload runs of all the levels to YouTube! If this goes well, more Level Building Competitions will probably be held. So keep an eye out for that. So, since this competition is for a week, it starts When this post was just made, so if you see this, waste no time! You might wanna get going! ;). Posted Saturday, 20 February 2016 (Pretty much, only 2 hours less). Competition ends Saturday, 27 February, 2016. BUT, this is in New Zealand time. If you have any problems or concerns please also post in the comments. Good luck Marblers!
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19 Feb 2016 14:26 #2 by Frostfire
Replied by Frostfire on topic Awesome 1 Week Level Building Competition!
Qwerty, I don't want to come across as rude here. But WRRs and tournaments/competitions are real stuff. They require more thought, time and energy than on-the-spot impulses to run them. I'd advise waiting a while until you have already invited people to participate in your thing and had a lot of yeses. Most people will not spontaneously participate in random events such as this. There is nothing wrong with trying to run an event, some turn out great (i.e. cgl 10) but you should probably give the current WRRs time to cool down and definitely prepare more before starting something up :)
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19 Feb 2016 20:05 #3 by IsraeliRD
Replied by IsraeliRD on topic Awesome 1 Week Level Building Competition!
Hey Qwerty, I'm going to lock this topic.
Before you get mad and all, I'll go ahead and give you explanations behind this:

1) The way you made this thread sound can be dumbed down to: "I'm bored, you make levels for me".
That cannot be avoided, and you only support this by listing what you like/dislike so that the winner needs to cater and hope s/he made the level to your taste and yours alone.

2) Level competitions are... ugh. I have done those in the past where people sent me levels, but also level competitions where a small panel judged levels.

2a) My level competitions. They started by me making a mission file with an idea behind it, and usually decided where players started/ended and sometimes placed interiors that must be used in said position, or imposed rules where you could or could not use certain interiors. Those were the old days when not many interiors were in the wild and you did Level Editor missions.
Upside was that people sticked to the idea. Downsides were that levels were often bad, and people lost interest. If they don't win, they don't participate further. It didn't go past .. #8?

2b) Panel Judge Competition. These were started in an attempt to get more levels to be made. A small panel composed of three staff members judged said levels and decided on future themes. Like my level competition, we had themes, restrictions and whatnot.
Upsides were similar to 2a, and also sometimes a Judge made a level for the theme instead of judging, and I jumped in to substitute. We also had plenty of levels being made.
Unfortunately people lost interest due to the same reasons as in 2a. If we had 6-7 people per competition for the first four, it dropped to 2-3 by the time the 8th competition arrived.

- "I'm bored, you make levels for me" [1]
- People lose interest in competitions after a month
- If good builders keep entering, less chance for the lesser ones to win which in turn they stop competing
- While ideas can be good, levels can be horrific
- Some people get better at level design, but lack of community-wide response means they won't get any better [2b]
- Judges are biased to what they like [2b]
- Pablo made a terrible half-pipe themed level [2a]

3) To Frostfire: WRR, tournaments/competitions are the "real stuff" because they are the highest rating in this community (except a well made mod which is where the hype is [#PQ2017]). They only succeed when there is plenty of involvement and motivation, and otherwise they fail.

"matan, now i get what you meant a few years back when you said that "the level in mbg is beyond me" after the last rampage i noticed things were insane, and now i truly feel that too" - Dushine, 2015.
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