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15 Oct 2016 03:09 - 14 Jun 2019 06:17 #1 by HiGuy
[Outdated as of PQ, just use the Mission Info editor to see a full list of fields]

I recently discovered that there was no complete list of all the possible fields you can put in MissionInfo to tweak the game's settings, so here's a complete list of everything you can change in MBP:

Basic Information
  • name: text Your level's display name, shown in the level select.
  • desc: text A short (or long) description for your level, also shown in the level select.
  • artist: text Your name/username or whoever, I won't sue you.
  • type: text The difficulty of your level, usually this is "custom".
  • game: text The game from which your level originated, usually "custom" or "platinum".
  • level: numeric The level's number for ordering in the level select. Bigger means later.
  • gameMode: text A list of game modes that your level requires. Enter a space-separated list of modes and the game will load them in that order. Some examples are "hunt" (regular hunt mode), "collection" (regular collection mode), or "hunt mega" (hunt mode mixed with Mega mode, both are activated).
  • startHelpText: text A help message that is displayed when players respawn. Like a HelpTrigger on the start pad.
  • music: text Which audio file will be played when someone plays your level. Note that they need this file in platinum/data/sound/music, or the game will just play a random song. Will play random if omitted.
  • alarmStartTime: numeric The time, in seconds before the par time, after which the game will play the warning noise. Defaults to 10.
Goal Times
  • time: numeric The par time, in milliseconds (for regular play). This is also used as the duration of a hunt/collection level.
  • goldTime: numeric The gold time (MBG) or platinum time (MBP), in milliseconds.
  • platinumTime: numeric Also used for platinum times.
  • ultimateTime: numeric The ultimate time, in milliseconds. Please make this smaller than the gold/platinum time.
Goal Scores
  • Single Player:
    • score: numeric The par score.
    • platinumScore: numeric The platinum score. Please make this bigger than the par score.
    • ultimateScore: numeric The ultimate score. Please make this bigger than the platinum score.
  • Multiplayer:
    • score[0]: numeric The par score for versus play.
    • platinumScore[0]: numeric The platinum score for versus play. Please make this bigger than the par score.
    • ultimateScore[0]: numeric The ultimate score for versus play. Please make this bigger than the platinum score.
    • score[1]: numeric The par score for solo/practice play.
    • platinumScore[1]: numeric The platinum score for solo/practice play. Please make this bigger than the par score.
    • ultimateScore[1]: numeric The ultimate score for solo/practice play. Please make this bigger than the platinum score.
Radar Settings
  • radar: true/false Allow the radar to be used in this level. Unnecessary for MP maps.
  • hideRadar: true/false Never display the radar in this level. Unnecessary for SP maps.
  • radarDistance: numeric How far, in units, the game should search for gems when updating the radar.
Blast Settings
  • blast: true/false Allow blast in this level. Unnecessary for MP maps.
  • noBlast: true/false Disable blast in this level. Unnecessary for SP maps.
Marble Size Settings
  • mega: true/false Always make players be Mega Marbles. Yes that means the collision, too.
  • useUltraMarble: true/false Make players use the ultra marble size instead of the MBP default.
Physics Settings
  • gravity: numeric The marble's gravity. Defaults to 20.
  • jumpImpulse: numeric How much impulse a jump applies. Defaults to 7.5.
  • fanStrength: numeric How much force fans produce. Defaults to 40.
Hunt Spawn Settings
  • maxGemsPerSpawn: numeric How many gems are spawned in each cluster of gems. Defaults to 7.
  • radiusFromGem: numeric How far from the center gem the game looks for more gems to spawn. Defaults to 15.
  • spawnBlock: numeric How far the next gem spawn must be from the previous spawn (in most cases). Defaults to twice radiusFromGem.
  • gemGroups: see below If the game should instead use GemGroups for spawning, and which type of spawning should be used:
    • 0: Spawn gems like normal.
    • 1: Spawn all gems in a random gem group. Place gems in SimGroups in a SimGroup called GemGroups in your mission.
    • 2: Spawn gems randomly within gem groups. Think like Architecture, it will either spawn on top or on the bottom.
Collection Mode Settings
  • noRandom: true/false Don't have the game randomize gem colors, gems will be the colors you place them.
  • disableColor: text Disable a specific color of gems from being assigned, so you don't get yellow gems on an entirely yellow map.
Glass Mode Settings
  • glassCenter: text The name of an object that serves as the center for the glass panes.
Camera Settings
  • cameraPitch: numeric The pitch, in radians, that players' cameras will be set to when they respawn. Defaults to 0.45.
  • overviewHeight: numeric An offset height, in units, for the MP "overview" spinning animation before a match.
  • overviewWidth: vector (x y z) The width of the box around which the overview animation will track.

Ask RandomityGuy about floating point, bonus points if you tell him "x87".
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