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lightbulb A Voiceless PQ Audio Pack - made by the Community

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24 Jun 2022 12:44 - 24 Jun 2022 12:51 #1
Inspired from Cobalt's suggestion, I have decided to start this thread to kickstart a community effort to make a Voiceless Audio Pack for PQ. The way this will work is the following:
- Find a few sounds from the list below you feel like you could remake.
- Upload those sounds to Google Drive (or any other site that will let you share your file with us).
- Share those files through links or whatever in this Forum Post.
- We will discuss the sounds shared in the Forum Post and decide upon which replacements are best.

After we get replacements for all (or a majority of) these sounds, they will be bundled into a new pack, which will be added in the official game.


The following audio files have voices in them:

Powerup Voices:
1 ) puanvilvoice.wav -> Anvil Pickup Voice
2 ) puBlastVoice.wav -> Blast Pickup Voice
3 ) pububblevoice.wav -> Bubble Pickup Voice
4 ) pugyrocoptervoice.wav -> Gyrocopter Pickup Voice
5 ) puMegaMarbleVoice.wav -> Mega Marble Pickup Voice
6 ) pushockabsorbervoice.wav -> Shock Absorber Pickup Voice
7 ) pusuperbouncevoice.wav -> Super Bounce Pickup Voice
8 ) pusuperjumpvoice.wav -> Super Jump Pickup Voice
9 ) pusuperspeedvoice.wav -> Super Speed Pickup Voice
10 ) putimetravelvoice.wav -> Time Travel Pickup Voice
11 ) putteleportitemvoice.wav -> Teleport Item Pickup voice

Ready-Set-Go Sequence:
12 ) ready.wav -> (Ready)-Set-Go Sequence
13 ) set.wav -> Ready-(Set)-Go Sequence
14 ) go.wav -> Ready-Set-(Go) Sequence

Miscellaneous (Idk if we should change this one, debate this in the Discord/Forum Thread):
15 ) gotawesomeawesome.wav -> Matan whispering in your ear about liking your balls. This sound has a chance of playing after you get an Awesome Time

(If I missed any sound, please tell me.)
have fun doing sound shit !!!

For the best Marble Blast levels, head over to:


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