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file Widescreen and Field of View fix for PlatinumQuest

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15 Oct 2017 10:08 - 15 Oct 2017 14:20 #1 by brandondorf9999
I just thought I would share a fix for PlatinumQuest to achieve perfect HOR+ like with 16:9 having the same height as 4:3.

To do that, open up GraphicsExtension.dll in a hex editor, then search for 39 8E E3 3F and replace it with AB AA AA 3F and save.

For the linear and alternative FOV, another way to tweak it is to use the following injection codes:


0F 28 DC 8B 75 B0 --> E9 89 E4 03 00 90


68 00 00 80 3F 83 C4 04 F3 0F 59 44 24 FC F3 0F 5E 64 24 FC F3 0F 5E 6C 24 FC 0F 28 DC 8B 75 B0 E9 53 1B FC FF 90

The code highlighted in blue is float code you'll need to replace with a lower value to get higher fov in game. Example (00 00 40 3F = 0.75)

Widescreen Fix:


I've also attached the dll modification incase anyone has trouble trying to apply these fixes to this dynamic link library.

File Attachment:

File Name: GraphicsExtension.zip
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15 Oct 2017 16:06 #2 by HiGuy
PlatinumQuest already does HOR+ scaling for resolutions wider than 16:9. We designed it this way to be consistent with earlier versions of the game, while still allowing for people with ultrawide displays to have horizontal scaling. If you play at 16:9 and want a wider FOV, just use the options menu and increase it.

Ask RandomityGuy about RLib.dll`10001c60
function clientcmd12dothepq() {
    commandToClient(LocalClientConnection, '34onthedancefloor');
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