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10 Sep 2010 14:22 #1 by IsraeliRD
How to use this board was created by IsraeliRD
Many people had asked us for their own board on the forums for their own mod, but needless to say we'd usually decline such requests. We'd usually tell them to create a topic in the general MB discussion board to advertise their mod.

This board will now replace Gen MB Discussion and you can now find info about a certain mod that does not have its own board. If you're the leader of the mod, or someone else from that mod, feel free to make a topic to easily advertise your mod and direct people to your own mod's forums, if you have such.

Note that because the majority of the MB community is placed at these forums, it's highly recommended mod owners to check here for any comments, suggestions (etc) from others as well as show screenshots or videos of development or other news.

There's NO limit to whom can post! Any mod is welcome and you'll get a lot more attention in this section than the general MB discussion board.

Status Tags:

This means the mod has not been released and development has been scrapped or indefinitely postponed.

This means the mod is in the making and is being worked on at least occasionally. Contact the mod creator(s) for more information on its progress.

This means the mod was not complete or ready for release, but the creator(s) decided to release the work they had done. Play at your own risk, as the game may be buggy. Check the thread for notes on stability and installation tips.

This means a finalized version of the mod has been released. Enjoy the mod and post in the thread for any help or installation problems.

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