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13 Jan 2022 10:57 #1 by Nockess
hPerks World Record Rampage was created by Nockess
In memory of the late and beloved hPerks, the community has decided to honor him in the best way we can: speedrunning his levels. Over the past few years, he built up quite the impressive collection, and this rampage will feature every level he released to the public, including a couple of others beyond that.

I will be doing the recording and editing. You may send me your .rrecs through Discord (Nockess#6969), but please hold onto a copy yourselves as I will likely round them all up when editing is ready to happen. Because there is no necessity to send your .rrecs to a moderator for verification, use the honor system. There is no set deadline for turning .rrecs in (as of now), but that will probably change once the general public seems to be finished with running. I'll give plenty of warning for when I will no longer be accepting .rrecs.

Here are some notes about running the levels:
- There are seven levels featured in the rampage that are already on the leaderboards: Gravity Swap (20-29), Moving Platform Master Course (30-39), Editor's Block (50-59), Speedrunning 101 (50-59), Spin Class (50-59), Super Skyscraper (50-59), and Specific Gravity (60-69). Please run those levels online.
- For the other 23 levels, please download them using the in-game feature that allows you to download levels directly from Marbleland.
- If you experience issues with downloading in-game, manually downloading levels from the Marbleland site is okay. Here is a link to the pack.
- There will be gem hunt levels featured in the rampage. Please make sure you play the versions with "(Short)" in the title; they are copies with the timer knocked down to 90 seconds. I will not be accepting runs on the full versions.
- No need to send in bloopers. I will not be including them in the final product.

And the normal rules like always:
- Screenshot glitches or any form of lagging your game is banned. Minimum acceptable FPS is 30.
- Teleport/Powerup/Gravity and other abusable restart glitches are banned.
- Any other form of glitches are allowed unless there is widespread agreement in the community to not allow it, please discuss with everyone if you plan on performing a run with those glitches. Traplaunches are allowed.
- Only .rrec files will be accepted. No screen recordings.

The Community Spreadsheet tab can be found here.

That should be it! Do the best you can, everybody. Let's make hPerks proud.

Call me Chris!

Discord: Nockess#6969
YouTube: www.youtube.com/Nockess
Custom Levels: marbleland.vani.ga/profile/5
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13 Jan 2022 15:14 - 13 Jan 2022 15:14 #2 by eNetro
Replied by eNetro on topic hPerks World Record Rampage FAQ
Here are the most frequently asked questions that Marble Blasters would ask:

Q1: Since the world record for "Gravity Swap" is 0.00, and ten people achieved that time, how would the real winner be determined?
A: We would determine the winner by the lowest elapsed time, i.e. the real time to finish the level that excludes the time changes from Time Travels and/or Time Penalties

Awesome Hint:

Since the Awesome Time/Score is secret, you will have to beat it in order to find out what it is. Just practice every day, and be ready to keep pressing the 'Restart' button...A LOT!
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