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file Marble Blast Ultra (Platinum 1.60) World Record Rampage

31 Mar 2017 18:23 #91 by [email protected]
I'd honestly write a large post about how great the MBU Rampage is... but I am rather lost for words as I would no idea where to start praising such an amazing compilation of levels. Everyone who contributed posted fantastic runs (well hPerks only had one run but it was great nonethelesss), and the amount of people who contributed means I suspect there is going to be a lot of hot competition in MBP and in other further rampages. The songs fit perfectly as well.

And most of all thank you for giving up all the paths so I can have lots of fun utterly failing to complete them.

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01 May 2017 17:46 #92 by Evoker
Wow, so pleased this came out. Been wanting to see all the WR paths in one place! And not on the Xbox!! My favourites were SoTF and Battlements - very unexpected. Also really enjoyed Triple Gravity, Bridge Crossing, MMP, Urban Jungle (showiest path ever), Spelunking (genius), Tree House & KoTM (esp screenshot glitch!). Loving the checkpoint usage on Three Fold Maze and Three Fold Race. Also Black Diamond looking ├╝ber sexy with the shaders.

And hPerks, your 'commentary' above :lol:

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