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file Marble Blast Palindromic Challenge

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23 Nov 2016 22:29 #1 by August
Marble Blast Palindromic Challenge was created by August
Alright. Time for me to start one of these. I'm pretty sure this won't go far, either.

The point of this challenge is to make your finishing time a palindrome (can be typed the same forward and backward). There are just a couple things for me to point out first, stated below.

1. The first number in the palindrome is the first one that is not a '0'. This means that if your time is '00:53.35', it would be valid since the first zeros don't count.
2. Thousandths can be turned on or off. That's up to you. If you really want a hard time, you can turn these on. Let's say you forget to turn them off, and you get a time of '00:53.359'. The run would still count, as both thousandth and non-thousandths runs are accepted, but the time you should type would just be '53.35'.

I hope some of you could try your luck out with this, as it seems tedious, but just a little interesting. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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