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file MBPU Bumper Glitch

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19 Sep 2018 05:59 #1 by JesseRoxII
MBPU Bumper Glitch was created by JesseRoxII
(I had to retype this whole thing because I accidentally clicked delete instead of edit! :angry:)

I found something wrong with the Marble Blast Powered Up mod. In the init.cs file (located in marble/data), the material property "DefaultMaterial" has the force set to 0.001. This is meant to fix the well-known glitch where the marble sticks to the wall. It does fix it, but also adds another glitch: now the triangular bumper item sometimes doesn't work.

Sometimes the marble just sits there, instead of being pushed by the bumper. That doesn't make sense to me, because the triangular bumper textures are set to BumperMaterial, which has a force of 15. That's how bumpers "bump". So why does changing a value in DefaultMaterial affect the BumperMaterial textures?
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