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file Level problems.

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06 Nov 2018 13:07 #1 by endl3ss
Level problems. was created by endl3ss
How do I upload my own level? I can't figure out a way.
  • Jiquor
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06 Nov 2018 21:42 #2 by Jiquor
Replied by Jiquor on topic Level problems.
Okay. Lets start with the basics.

First of all, do you have Torque Constructor? If not, you can download it on GarageGames (just google Torque Constructor garagegames and you'll find the top hit on search.) Also to properly run Torque Constructor you need an activation key to run Torque Constructor (although I think somebody might've developed a plugin that overrides that,) but just in case they haven't go create an account on GarageGames, purchase Torque Constructor for the low, low price of absolutely no money whatsoever, and you'll get an activation key you can use to activate Torque Constructor. NOTE: You'd also want to download the 1.06 Update/Plugins onsite for Torque Constructor as well. View this webpage here.

Once you've done this, you're almost ready to build a level. First of all, you need some game textures. You can pull game textures from any of the Marble Blast directory tree -- copy these in a separate, new folder and upload the folder of textures into Constructor. Refer to the sub-forum for Constructor/Level Building if you have any questions and/or want to view some tips on how Constructor works. You can also find videos on YouTube on how to make moving platforms, curved surfaces and how to texture a brush/shape properly. There are many videos on YouTube, such as this one I mentioned earlier: How to Make Moving Platforms

If you're sure you've finished building your first map, you need MarbleBlastMap2Dif or Map2Dif+ (or just use DifFix by HiGuy which is, eh, okay, a little inaccurate, but useful if you don't have a Windows PC/Virtual Machine to convert maps.) - you must place/copy your map inside your textures folder and put the map in Map2Dif so it will convert. If you don't do this and attempt to convert the map with it not being in the textures folder, the process will fail because it says "it cannot find these textures."
Now, if you're using DifFix, all you need to do is (when you finish your map) go to File in Constructor and click Export with Map2Dif and export the entire file into a folder...desktop...whatever as long as everything's in the same place. Simply go to the link and drag+drop your file in DifFix, and a download will appear. What is it downloading? Well, the converted map of course. Don't worry, it ain't a virus. WARNING: Unless this is fixed by now which I do not know, you CANNOT convert maps with moving platforms in DifFix. I have experienced game crashes with DifFix + moving platforms in the past.

Okay, just then after the download completes, drag your map into the interiors folder of your Marble Blast Game. You can then open the level editor and click on your map, hoping that it shows up in-game. This might take a few tries so always practice until you think you've got it.

Good luck!

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