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exclamation-circle How to optimize this game for a REALLY potato computer?

  • jackomix
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08 Jan 2019 18:55 #1 by jackomix
Hello, I love Marble Blast. I really want to play PlatinumQuest but when I look at a part of a map with lots of stuff I lose frames. I have a REALLY bad computer (I don't get a smooth framerate playing GTA vice city). On the tutorial map if I look to the right when you spawn, where you use the bouncy powerup, I get to 20 fps, and that's after I tried optimizing the config file.

Is there a way to get DirectX to render it? I heard it's discontinued and even setting it to D3D just makes OpenGL go to D3D meaning it'll just be slower, but is there still a way?

Here's my config file, is there any way I can optimize it more? (I don't care if it looks like a PS2 game btw)
Warning: Spoiler!

If I look somewhere with very little stuff going on (like behind me when I spawn on the tutorial map) I get around 57 fps. Any tips to help me make this game run faster would help a lot!
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22 Sep 2019 12:56 #2 by Guest
All of the following options are in the Graphics tab.
Lower the Texture Quality, Material Quality, and the amount of Particles.
Disable Anti Aliasing, Marble Reflections, Animate Background, and maybe also Post Processing.
Enable Fast Mode.

Hope this helps!
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