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file Slight annoyance: Tabbing into MB sometimes lights up the Lock keys

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04 Jul 2019 04:57 #1 by main_gi
I'm on Windows 10 and on a USB keyboard. Sometimes (but enough to be consistently noticeable), clicking into the Marble Blast window lights up the Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Num Lock lights. This seems to be purely 'aesthetic', it doesn't have any actual effect other than turning on the lights - all the lights return to normal after pressing one of the Lock keys, as if nothing happened.

(Example: if no lights were on, this issue happens and all lights turn on, but the Caps/Scroll/Num Lock functions aren't actually on, just the lights are. If I press Caps Lock now, the lights go away besides Caps Lock because it's just an aesthetic annoyance, so I would have a Caps on, Scroll off, Num off. I'd then likely press Caps Lock again because I don't actually want that function on.)

This happens for pretty much every game on the MBG engine including MBG mods and PQ. I have not seen this issue with any other programs, but I don't think any other games I have are on the Torque engine so I wouldn't be able to test it by that.
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