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file Lag in potato p

19 Jan 2022 15:55 #1 by Frost
Lag in potato p was created by Frost
how can i remove it i am using an intel gma 3600
21 Jan 2022 08:45 #2 by Frost
Replied by Frost on topic Lag in potato p
if everybody is confused heres what happened:
I was disconnected out of my account i thought i was banned (but it was just the remember me option) and i had lag with pq so i created this : marbleblast.com/index.php/forum/mb-support/11047-lag-on-a-potato-pc but it took too long to post so i relogged in and created another post (which is this one) didnt post so i decided to research on lag and fixed it easilly so i need help deleting both
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